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White Rose

White Rose is a shopping centre situation in the heart of the Beeston area in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It’s ideally located next to the M621 motorway which makes it ideal for shoppers from all over the UK.


solar panels on top of a shopping centre

K e y   S t a t s

CO2 saved

239,691kg CO2 saved per year

Amount saved

£2,556,728 saved over 25-years

Electricity generated

100% electricity generated is used onsite

System size


Panels installed

2,902 Trina 270W

Annual output

681,794 kWh

The Challenge

How do you install a 783kWp solar PV system on the roof of a shopping centre, without disrupting the flow of shoppers? This was the challenge we faced when we were awarded the contract to install what was to be the biggest PV array on a UK shopping centre. White Rose is owned and managed by Landsec, a FTSE 100 company, who are implementing ambitious sustainability targets across their portfolio. We were selected to install the iconic array based on their established reputation as a highly skilled team of design engineers.


Our team worked around the clock for six weeks to install the 2,902-panel system. To minimise disruption to staff and visitors onsite, we negated the need to erect major scaffolding by using demarcation and rope access on the rooftop; this allowed installers to move safely around the working environment. To reach the rooftop and prevent non-authorised personnel from accessing the site, installers used a scissor-lift which also transported panels and equipment from the ground.

Due to the shopping centre’s curved roofs, a custom-mounting frame was required to fix the panels to the building. To maximise the system’s potential, the mounting system was also
designed to raise the panels by 15 degrees to face south.

In addition to using SolarEdge inverters, SolarEdge optimisers were also fitted to each pair of panels to further enhance the system’s generation capability. SolarEdge technology also provides arc-fault protection to prevent fires by automatically reducing the voltage to a safe level in the event of any issues being detected.


The system currently generates over 681,794 kWh of electricity each year, helping to power various landlord services including interior and exterior lighting, cooling systems and air treatment processes. Although the green energy isn’t used by the individual stores, Landsec pass energy bill savings on to their customers via their service charges.

From an environmental perspective, the White Rose shopping centre has reduced its carbon footprint by around 239, 691kg, equivalent to taking around 40 cars off the road. We also provide ongoing maintenance to make sure the array continues to meet the expected performance and return on investment. In addition to individual panel and inverter monitoring, a bespoke weather station has also been installed to monitor weather data including temperature and solar irradiation. This means the system’s performance can be mapped against varying weather conditions throughout the seasons.

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