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Our ESG Report

Our ESG report seeks to demonstrate our considerations of the environmental, social, and governance impacts. This will allow us to deliver full transparency about the risks and opportunities we face from the wider society.



M a r k   W a k e f o r d ,   C h a i r m a n

“EvoEnergy is a company that exists to reduce the carbon footprints of our customers. We do this by allowing our customers to operate more efficiently and to generate and manage their own generation. EvoEnergy, therefore, has environmental and social values that are part of our DNA.

The third strand, Governance, is crucial to support and give confidence to the first two strands.”


Carbon Footprint Verified


Carbon Footprint Verified

In order to combat climate change and reduce the carbon costs of our installations, we have continued to improve efficiencies in our business through rigorous measuring and target setting. The aim of this is to reduce our overall company carbon footprint.

EvoEnergy are delighted to have received an industry-standard certification from Carbon Footprint. We are now a Carbon Footprint – CO2e assessed company.  In order to measure this, we were assessed to an industry-standard certification by CarbonFootprint. To complete this assessment, we measured our business’s operations on a multitude of different activities including our office operating expenses, flights, fuel usage and other sources of carbon.

This has helped us to understand the level of our current emissions and has allowed us to set new targets for the future to not only reduce our direct carbon emissions and company carbon footprint, but also to lower the impact of our wider operations. Ultimately, this verification highlights our carbon footprint measuring is to a high industry standard and provides us with recommendations on how to continue to reduce our emissions.

Our Company Footprint

Our assessment covers the period April 2021 – March 2022. This ensures that our results are comparable to the previous year. This latest assessment has measured our carbon emissions at 62.56 metric tons of CO₂e, which is 1.6 metric tons per employee. This is an increase of 0.38 metric tons per employee from last year. Despite being higher than the previous year, this is still lower than the 2019 baseline.

We were expecting an increase due to the reopening of the economy following the removal of Covid-19 restrictions, creating more opportunities to travel. In addition, we have witnessed a significant increase in the demand for our offering, which has required our team to increase travel to sites to service these clients.

This year, we have also calculated our carbon footprint inclusive of scope 3 emissions covering the same period ending 31st March 2022. The total was 2,126 tCO2e. This is largely comprised of manufacturing, transportation, and professional activities, as detailed in the table in our full ESG document downloadable below.

Not only have we offset our emissions, but we have also gone above and beyond to offset 125% of our footprint for scopes 1 and 2, equating to 79 metric tons of CO₂e. To achieve this, we have chosen to support a Global Portfolio VCS-certified carbon reduction programs across the world via a range of projects that include carbon avoidance, and clean and renewable energy generation. Many are within developing countries, where they also provide additional social benefits.

We are proud to support carbon reduction projects, however, we know offsetting can only go so far. We are very aware that we need to practice what we preach and ensure we remain at the forefront of combating climate change. We view offsetting carbon as a temporary measure on the way to net zero. Our goal is to reach true net zero by 2035, which is why we have taken the steps to include scope 3 emissions in this report to help us understand how far left we have to go to achieve ‘full net-zero’. Only by measuring these emissions can we then start planning for reducing them.

We are very aware that we need to practice what we preach which is why we are keen to measure and monitor our own carbon and this process helps narrow our focus.


Our Net Zero Goal

Our Net Zero Goal

While we are already carbon neutral for scopes 1 and 2, we aim to be fully net zero including scope 3 (i.e., including supplier operational costs and carbon associated in materials we have ordered) by 2035.

This goal is proposed to help ensure the company achieves current and future proposed targets, increase the amount of renewable energy generated on-site, frame carbon reductions in the context of appropriate key activity measures, and keep at the forefront of the renewable energy industry. We will also be implementing our Carbon Reduction Plan to ensure we keep on track with this target.

What is our contribution to creating a more sustainable future?




Tonnes CO2



Our Social Value

We are enthusiastic about being a socially responsible business. Therefore, we have identified five social priorities that we will be committing to investing in, including; Armed Forces Covenant, partner with Emmaus, work experience days for people in education, volunteer paid days off and recruitment schemes.


Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Our measures were inspired by National TOMs Measurement Framework. The National Social Value Measurement Framework – or National TOMs for short – is a method of reporting and measuring social value to a consistent standard. It provides the golden thread between an organisation’s overarching strategy and vision, to the delivery of that vision. We have identified our top business social priorities and are in the process of implementing these:

  • Armed Forces Covenant: We signed the pledge which will see us pursue employment opportunities for personnel whom have a military background. This will benefit the wider society by helping to upskill and integrate military service personnel back into society.
  • Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust: As a renewable energy company, protecting the environment is of upmost importance to us. We will be sending teams to support their valuable work over the course of the coming year both financially and environmentally.
  • Emmaus: We have set up a business partnership with the homeless charity Emmaus who provides support for homeless people through their social enterprises. This will provide meaningful work experience for these individuals and help develop their skill set and employability.
  • Recruitment:  We are committed to being an inclusive employer. Early in the recruitment process, we will ask what adjustments need to be made to ensure that our workplace remains accessible to all. We hope this will attract people from a diverse range of backgrounds.
  • Work Experience: We are working with University of Nottingham to recruit a student for an internship placement. We will aim to provide meaningful work experience to develop their skills and employability.

Employee Development

To fulfill the aim of being a multi-technology bespoke integrator to serve the UK’s energy transition to more electrified behind the meter infrastructure, we have hired bright people who are able to understand problems, solve them and communicate solutions to clients to enable them to make good purchasing decisions.  As such, we have recruited talent into the base of the company in order to plan for the long-term success for the business.

The team has been fortified to become adaptable to allow response to inbound enquiries and public tenders, with small project-specific teams created to allow maximum skill utilisation and learning ‘on the job’ to give us the best chance of winning these projects too.

Key principles

  1. Meritocracy – no one is kept in place because of favouritism but hired by aptitude.
  2. Teamwork – based on dynamic project teams.
  3. Progression expectation, people join, expecting to grow in knowledge and experience, learning is rewarded.
  4. Knowledge is to be shared – Teaching and mentoring, building tools and models is rewarded.
  5. The clients are Evo’s clients. No one is precious over who brings what into the business. The right team will be formed to support that client.
  6. 360 review – All communication must be professional and if about a 3rd party must be expressed in a manner identical and acceptable to if you were addressing them personally.

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

EvoEnergy are passionate about ensuring equal opportunities are applied throughout our recruitment processes.  We recognise that poverty and social exclusion can predominantly affect females, part-timers and both the younger and older ages of the UK workforce.

We have taken actions to promote our support to these demographics and will continue to do so. As a result, so far, we have significantly increased Female representation with 43% of new recruits being female, as well as having recruited two apprentices and we have fully implemented a flexible working policy, including accommodating working alongside educational qualifications and childcare requirements.


Employee Benefits & Events

Employee Benefits & Events

Outside of work, we host quarterly social events for the team to get together in a non-work environment. The events often focus on team-building exercises, fundraising expeditions, and relaxed get-togethers. Examples of these events include go-karting, escape rooms, murder mystery and the 3-peak hiking challenge.

We offer our staff 25 holidays per annum, which is incrementally increased after 5 full years of service giving them an extra day each year up to a maximum of 28. We pride ourselves on curating an inclusive work-place culture where employees feel empowered and engaged.

Furthermore, we have integrated multiple remote working software such as Microsoft One Drive and Teams to support flexible working conditions for staff members when working from home. This is crucial in ensuring a smooth workflow for employees despite the recent impact of Covid-19. Other benefits include a workplace pension scheme and free parking on site for all staff.



"I’ve worked for many companies over my career and EvoEnergy is by far, the best company I’ve ever worked for. Not only are they supportive of their employees but they are also supportive of their customers (past & present). Every single member of the Evo family is all pulling in the same direction to achieve great things together for today and the future."

Alison, O&M Senior Administrator


We are committed to accountability and that we are open to questions from our stakeholders with the aim of being as transparent as possible.


Our Policies

Our Policies

We have developed various policies in order to ensure all of our employees act with ethical behaviour towards the company, our clients and their colleagues. All of our employees are made aware of the policies upon joining the company, some of which include:

  • Data Protection: Our data protection policy abides by all the data protection act. We have worked with our IT team (Akita) to create a data protection policy. We are committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Anti-Tax Evasion: We have a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of tax evasion, whether under UK law or under the law of any foreign country. Team members and Associates of the Company must not undertake any transactions which; cause the Company to commit a tax evasion offence; or facilitate a tax evasion offence by a third party who is not an associate of the company.
  • Bribery and Corruption: Our directors are committed to the prevention of bribery by those employed and associated with it. We are committed to carrying out business fairly, honestly, and openly, with zero-tolerance towards bribery.

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The Full ESG Report

View our full ESG report by using the button below. We are committed to transparency and accountability, if you have any desire to get in touch, please get in touch with us at info@evoenergy.co.uk.


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