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Battery Storage

Store energy for your site with a battery pack and provide a reliable power source, we offer a variety of battery storage systems engineered to meet your business needs.



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As a Tesla Powerpack/ Megapack certified specialist, we are the experts in the consultation, design and installation of battery storage systems for business.

Battery storage can be used to

  • Reinforce or reduce your electrical requirements
  • Revenue-generating by offering grid services
  • Provide backup power
  • Capture excess exported energy from wind or solar
  • In some cases, provide uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

Load shifting

Load shifting

Using battery storage for load shifting means managing the electrical load profile of your business to even out its distribution. Your organisation benefits from cheap energy at certain times whilst capturing excess exported power generated from renewable technology.

Your business can reduce energy costs by charging the solar battery storage when energy is cheap: either at night via the grid when tariffs are low and/or during the day with excess solar or wind generation. The power can then be ‘shifted’ to periods when energy is expensive (during the day and peak periods.)

Operating the solar battery storage in this way will typically flatten out your company’s demand for energy from the grid, giving you savings and helping offset more of you carbon emissions. Load shifting can also help avoid the expense of upgrading your electrical connection by reducing the demand during peak periods and managing the load to fall within your agreed kVA capacity. We are able to prove bespoke solar battery storage solutions to your business needs for maximum financial and environmental gains.


Backup power

Backup power

Solar energy storage systems have the ability to provide backup power to your business. Much like diesel standby generators, it has stored power to release during periods of a power outage which gives you peace of mind that your site will continue to operate in the event of power supply disruption.

Standby back up battery storage is similar to diesel standby generators. It has the ability to charge whilst power is available from the grid, whilst also capturing excess solar or wind generation and release this energy during power outages to bring your business back online. The difference back up power and UPS is that the supply will be interrupted for a small period whilst it switches over to the battery power.

Solar batteries will provide power to your business during these periods of outage for a pre-determined amount of time, as designed during our consultation with your business on its requirements. Ultimately, we are able to prove bespoke battery power solutions to your business needs for maximum financial and environmental gains.


Grid services

Grid services

Your business can provide grid services, which protect and stabilize the grid during periods of disruption. From this, your business can earn an income for offering your solar battery storage to the national grid.

In grid service mode, you can provide an income to your business by offering the battery to stabilize the national grid during times of distress.

This process is often accessed through an aggregator, which controls and manages the battery storage system on your behalf to extract revenues by providing grid services to the national grid through contracts the aggregator secures.

Grid Services entail a number of revenue streams as outlined briefly below:

  • Enhanced frequency response
  • Frequency response
  • Capacity markets
  • Triad avoidance
  • Load shifting
  • Peak shaving

Get in touch with us today if you desire any more information on the benefits a commercial battery storage system.

We can provide a turnkey design and delivery service, right from consultation through to monitoring and maintenance.


Peak shaving

Peak shaving

Operating your solar battery storage in peak shaving mode will enable you to avoid going over your agreed kVA capacity. During these periods, your business can be penalized heavily for using power, therefore, this can make a huge difference in achieving your financial objectives.

Transmission charges (kVA standing charge) from electricity suppliers are an expensive element of your business’ energy bill. Offsetting your peak load demand with energy stored in the battery will flatten your demand at these peak points and ultimately create substantial savings on your energy bill.

Reducing your peak consumption will also save money on distribution charges levied by electricity suppliers during these more expensive periods. This means that you can reinvest the money you’ve saved back into your business, therefore providing a source of sustainable growth.

If you are a growing business with increased energy demands, a solar battery storage system might be what you need to manage this, reduce costs and risk to your business. We are able to provide bespoke battery storage solutions to your business needs for maximum financial and environmental gains, get in touch today see how we can help.


Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) makes sure your business computer systems and lights stay on without interruption during power outages, this means that your site can avoid any sudden downturn in output.

UPS is a rapid response battery storage system meaning that, should power fail, then the supply to your business will go on without interruption. They are often offered for short durations whilst a standby generator or backup battery storage system kicks in to take the load.

These solar battery systems are there to protect the continuity of your businesses’ dependence on power and often-sensitive equipment that could malfunction if is to be interrupted and stopped without warning.

Our team of highly skilled engineers have collectively achieved multiple years of experience in designing and installing batteries for a wide range of businesses. Get in touch today to see how we could provide a bespoke solar battery storage solutions to your business needs.

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