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Smart Grid Services

Smart grid technology enables you to harness dynamic control of your electrical infrastructure through metering, monitoring, and control systems.



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Our smart grids harmonise multiple technologies under one system, providing your business with huge savings and carbon reductions.

Smart Grid Consultancy For Businesses



What is a smart grid?

What is a smart grid?

A smart grid facilitates dynamic control of your electrical infrastructure by linking the existing and emerging technologies we offer together. Through this connection, you are able to maximize the benefits – both financial and environmental – from these technologies.

Increasingly popular amongst companies that want to control their electrical assets, smart grid infrastructure connects your smart high voltage & low voltage (HV & LV) infrastructure with commercial solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage, and EV charging systems. By installing a smart HV & LV switchboard/distribution board, you can increase the efficiency of all of these systems through one centralised connection.


Why install smart grid technology?

Why install smart grid technology?

Smart grids are the future of the electrical distribution network. Businesses will no longer need to be as reliant on centralised power distribution; they can take control of their energy future through the adoption of a smart grid, linking technologies to create significant financial and carbon savings.

The benefits of our smart grid solutions:

  • A centralised connection point for existing and emerging power-generating technologies.
  • Remote monitoring of your organisation’s electrical systems and technologies.
  • Dynamic control of technologies to make sure maximum benefits are achieved.
  • Renewed equipment with the ability to warn you in advance of any problems that may occur.
  • Full integration of technologies through our end-to-end smart grid services.
  • Access to specialist knowledge from the UK’s leading smart grid technology. Having deployed many systems across the country, we have benefited our clients by maximising savings and carbon reductions.
  • Helping with consultation, design, delivery, monitoring, and maintenance, our end-to-end service makes sure that you get the most out of your smart grid and the connected technologies.

Why Choose EvoEnergy for Your Smart Grid Technology?

We are the market leaders in smart grid solutions for businesses. Having worked with a variety of different businesses – from public sector organisations to the hospitality and leisure industry – our team is well placed to design a bespoke solution that meets your company’s needs.

Take a look at our smart grid technology case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped businesses like yours to achieve their sustainable energy goals. In addition, we have put together an ultimate guide for understanding solar battery storage units which could help your organisation save money and reduce carbon emissions.

In addition, we also offer smart grid monitoring and maintenance services.

Are you interested in finding out how Smart Grids work?

If you think that smart grid technology could benefit your business, contact us so we can discuss the requirements of your business and offer our advice on a bespoke solution that will work for you.

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