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Solar Carports for Business

Our team of technical experts can design a next-generation commercial solar carport, tailored to your needs and energy requirements.


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Commercial solar carports can encourage other sustainable initiatives, as they can provide a source of power for your employees to charge their electric cars – secure your company’s energy future with car park solar panels from EvoEnergy.

What are solar carports

What are solar carports?

What are solar carports?

Solar carports are ground-mounted canopy installations that stretch out over car parking spaces. The canopy roof area is slightly tilted and offers a perfect platform for solar panels to be seamlessly mounted, which also adds to the aesthetics of the structure.

The tilted roof design offers natural drainage for rainwater, which is then collected by guttering and channelled away. Electricity generated by the carports’ solar panels is then immediately available to be used onsite.

We can provide a bespoke design and project manage your solar carport installation from initial concept through implementation – we’ll also take care of the planning application and grid connection consents for your car park solar panels. 

Our service doesn’t stop at system handover as we also offer maintenance and monitoring packages.

What are the benefits of commercial solar carports?

By installing commercial solar carports, you can make the most of your car park space and increase your energy generational capacity, which provides extra benefits to your site and your visitors, especially when paired with EV charging technologies.

The benefits of solar carports include:

  • Adding capacity: they increase onsite generation if other roof spaces are unusable.
  • Financial: they will reduce your energy bills.
  • Reduced CO₂ output: commercial solar carports enhance your CSR and green credentials.
  • Electric vehicle charging: you also have the option to connect EV charging points for staff and visitors to charge their electric vehicles with electricity generated by the PV system, in addition to company EVs.
  • Staff and visitor benefits: solar carports canopies also protect cars from the elements and keep staff and visitors sheltered when getting out of their vehicle and walking to the site.
  • Visual appeal: solar carports positively transform the look of your car park. In other words, they look great!

Why choose EvoEnergy for your solar carport installation?

We are the market leaders in commercial solar carport design, installation, solar PV monitoring and maintenance. Having worked with a variety of different businesses – from public sector organisations to the hospitality and leisure industry – our team is well placed to design a bespoke solution that meets your company’s needs.

Take a look at our solar carport case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped businesses like yours to achieve their sustainable energy goals. In addition, we have put together an ultimate guide for understanding solar battery storage units which could help your organisation save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Combining carports with commercial solar panels for your business can help revolutionise your organisation’s energy management and carbon savings.

Have you ever wondered; “how much energy could I generate with solar panels on my roof?”.

With our solar PV carbon offset calculator tool, you can find that out. Just by simply entering your roof size, you will receive your system size, energy output and potential money saved in the first year (estimated results).

This will give you an idea of what your carbon savings could be from installing solar panels on your roof. Give it a go today.

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