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Solar Carports for Business

Our team of technical experts are able to design a next generation commercial solar carport, tailored to your needs and energy requirements.



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Commercial solar carports can encourage other sustainable initiatives, as it can provide a source of power for your employees to charge their electric cars.


What are solar carports?

What are solar carports?

Solar carports are ground-mounted canopy installations that stretch out over car parking spaces. The canopy roof area is slightly tilted and offers a perfect platform for solar panels to be seamlessly mounted, which also adds to the aesthetics of the structure.

The tilted roof design offers natural drainage for rainwater, which is then collected by guttering and channelled away. Electricity generated by the carports’ solar panels is then immediately available to be used onsite.

We can provide a bespoke design and project manage your requirements, from initial concept to detailed design and implementation to include planning application and grid connection consents. Our service does not stop at system hand over as we also offer maintenance and monitoring packages too.

What are the benefits of commercial solar carports?

There are many. By installing commercial solar carports, you can make the most of your car park space and increase your energy generational capacity, which provides extra benefits to your site and your visitors, especially when paired with EV charging technologies.

The benefits of solar carports include:

  • Adding capacity: they increase onsite generation if other roofs are unusable.
  • Financial: your energy bills will reduce.
  • Reduced CO2 output: enhance your CSR and green credentials.
  • Electric vehicle charging: you also have the option to connect EV charging points for staff and visitors to charge their electric vehicles with electricity generated by the PV system, in addition to company EVs.
  • Staff and visitor benefits: solar carports canopies also protect cars from the elements and keep staff and visitors sheltered when getting out of their vehicle and walking to the site.
  • Visual appeal: solar carports positively transforms the look of your car park. In other words, they look great!

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