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HV & LV Infrastructure

We provide bespoke high voltage & low voltage (HV & LV) solutions, enabling your organisation to replace, upgrade, or recondition its electrical distribution system.



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Our team of experts offer an end-to-end service that your electrical infrastructure facilitates significant financial and carbon savings.


Smart metering

Smart metering

We provide smart, dynamic metering of HV & LV infrastructure, solar, EV, and batteries, giving you remote visibility of your systems. Our specialists can help you to implement smart metering across your organisation at the same time as an electrical infrastructure upgrade or in preparation for the installation of a renewable energy system.

Smart metering allows you online access to view the performance of your energy systems. It will also help you to control the electrical system dynamically, maximising your cost savings and carbon reductions.

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We provide expert solutions for replacing, upgrading or reconditioning your electrical transformers. Our in-house team of engineers, project managers, and installation teams provide a turnkey solution for 33KV and 11KV equipment that incorporates civils. This end-to-end service will prepare your site for the adoption of future renewable technologies.

Electrical transformers are a key part of your electrical infrastructure converting medium-high voltage power to lower voltages at 400V/230V. Specialists in the design and delivery of this equipment, we are able to upgrade, replace or refurbish your old transformer.  We can also offer super low-loss versions that can save you energy, reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint.

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LV switchboard

LV switchboard

Whatever the state of your existing electrical distribution system and LV switchgear, we are here to help with replacements, upgrades, or reconditioning work. Our engineers will work with you to understand your requirements, providing expert advice and custom solutions.

LV switchgear forms a significant part of your electrical infrastructure. We offer a turnkey service, helping you with any work that’s needed to keep the lights on. With specialist engineers, project managers, and installation teams, we will work to specify the design and manage the installation.

We have the experience and expertise to work with challenging projects that others might not have the means to, as every one of our designs is bespoke. What’s more, we only procure from top manufacturers and always offer quality equipment. When upgrading or changing your LV switchgear, we make sure its future protected through spare capacity and has the ability to connect renewable technology now or in the future.

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