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EvoEnergy are a leading and trusted renewable energy Operations and Maintenance partner for many businesses in the UK.

We provide both proactive and reactive maintenance for commercial electrical technologies including; Solar, Battery, EV Chargers & HV/LV.

Our services give you peace of mind for the lifetime of your system. The result? Renewable energy facilities that operate safely and efficiently, achieve optimal performance and enable the delivery of your environmental and financial goals.

At EvoEnergy:

  • We are a recognised market leader in commercial energy technologies.
  • We are a friendly and highly qualified team.
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • All systems can be part of the same assurances/compliance by taking our regular safety inspection.
  • Even if your systems were not installed by EvoEnergy, you can find confidence in us as your new partner.
  • The team at EvoEnergy have developed a comprehensive operation and maintenance service suite. From this service suite, you can select your own bespoke tailored package to suit your business needs.

Maintenance Inspections
Typically a once a year planned visit to assess that the components are working safely and efficiently to support the optimum performance of your renewable investment and as part of your annual Electrical compliance.

Maintenance Repairs
Reactive or scheduled visits to repair or replace components that are not working safely or efficiently will aid the optimum performance of your renewable investment.

As a large commercial installer, we have built strong relationships with many major manufacturers and suppliers of inverters and associated equipment. These relationships enable us to respond effectively to repair requests nationwide.

We are the experts in renewable energy facilities repairs, including solar panel and EV charger repairs. We can attend to faults and breakdowns from a simple inverter exchange, minor rewiring or data issue, up to the additional services below.

Performance Monitoring
Our expert team actively monitor your system and benchmark against our portfolio of local installations to support the optimum performance and return on investment of your renewable investment. We can give you access of real-time visibility of your system performance for both internal and external promotion.

Operational Call Incident Facility
An expert in your time of need.

Operational Performance Reporting
We provide your monthly performance reporting

Operational Warranty Claims
We manage your warranty claims on failed components.

Although most renewable energy systems require little cleaning, dirt can accumulate and reduce performance, therefore, it is important to consider regular cleaning.

Design and Integration of a Future Proof Energy Centre for New Renewable Technology
As your renewables partner, you can use our expertise to further your renewable capabilities to reduce your reliance on the grid.

Solar Service Offering

Solar Operation and Maintenance
Our preventative solar panel maintenance plan is designed to maximise your solar PV investment return and to help with your risk management as part of your annual electrical compliance regime.

We recommend annual solar panel maintenance for all commercial PV systems in addition to daily monitoring.

Sophisticated solar panel monitoring can identify potential generation issues allowing immediate attention before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

EvoEnergy Bespoke Solar Panel Monitoring Service

Live generation solar panel monitoring through our own platform.
Our platform can collect enhanced level live performance data from various manufacturer’s systems providing inverter level detailed insight
Our expert technicians actively monitor your solar PV system and benchmark against local arrays in our portfolio.

Benefits of Solar Panel Maintenance Visits

Solar PV systems are subject to sustained high working loads during peak months. This can place components under considerable stress, it is important that the condition of components are regularly checked to capture early signs of deterioration and premature wear and tear. This can prevent more significant problems later, reducing the possibility of complete breakdown, therefore minimizing downtime and maximizing yield.

Additional Services:

  • Our expert teams can provide a lift and shift to another building or remove and refit for roof repairs.
  • Consultancy to identify and address poor performing systems.
  • Consultancy on fire protection design and installation.
  • Accompany the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) provider’s inspector for meter and reading verification.
  • Consultancy to enforce your PV system owner rights under EPC or O&M contracts, both Financial and Operational.

Other Technologies

Battery Storage

Batteries are large and complex pieces of equipment. Regular maintenance can highlight possible issues before they become a problem. EvoEnergy’s predictive and preventative maintenance service includes a check of system components for condition and function.

Our Operation and Maintenance package includes the below benefits to ensure your system stands the test of time.

  • Thermal Imagery, Torque Checks, Calibration Checks and Visual Inspection (rodents, etc)
  • Radiator and Cabinet Cleaning
  • Refrigerant Refill
  • Battery Pack, Fan, Pump and Harness Checks and Replacements
  • Replacement
  • Paint Touch Up and Site Maintenance

EV Charger Maintenance

EV chargers have low maintenance requirements. However, they can be hazardous and potentially lethal if issues arise. Therefore, it is important to be maintained by a qualified expert.

EvoEnergy’s EV charger maintenance service includes a check of system components for condition and function. Our EV charger operation and maintenance package include the below benefits to ensure your system has a maximum lifespan.

  • EV Charger Repairs
  • Visual Inspection
  • Check Charging
  • Incident Call and Performance
  • Performance Report
  • Remove and Refit
  • Replacement

HV/LV Maintenance

Should a power failure occur, it could be expensive and cause major disruption to your business. Our engineers will regularly inspect that your network is mechanically sound and mitigate potential issues before it is too late.
We can carry out a visual or full electrical test and inspection of HV/LV installations and provide routine maintenance of all mechanical or electrical elements, including oil filled transformers and switchgear. Our service includes:

  • Protection Testing
  • Inspection of Substances and Equipment
  • Transformers
  • Paint Touch Up & Site Maintenance
  • Low Voltage Switch Gear
  • Electrical and Mechanical Site Maintenance

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