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Operations and Maintenance

We are the trusted operations and maintenance partner for many businesses in the UK. We deliver peace of mind over your system’s lifetime and can maintain optimal performance through EV charger, battery, solar panel maintenance, service, repairs and cleaning.



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We provide solar PV maintenance, solar panel cleaning services, a system remove and refit, system optimisations and other solar panel service requirements.

Solar Panel Maintenace For Business


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How often should solar panels be serviced?

For commercial solar PV systems, it is recommended to clean the solar panels at least once every 12 months for optimum performance and maintenance of electrical compliance.

The frequency of cleaning may vary depending on the location and environmental conditions surrounding the solar panels. For example, solar panels located in areas with high levels of dust, debris, or bird droppings may require more frequent cleaning.

Similarly, solar panels located near industrial or agricultural areas may require more frequent cleaning due to the presence of pollutants or chemicals in the air.

Ultimately, investing in regular cleaning and maintenance can help to ensure that the solar PV system performs at its best, maximizes its output, and maintains compliance with relevant safety standards. Learn more about the benefits of solar panel maintenance.

Do solar panels need any maintenance?

Regular maintenance can identify and address any issues with the system promptly, minimizing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.

Regular checks can ensure that the wiring, connections, and other components of the system are functioning correctly, reducing the risk of safety hazards and non-compliance fines.

This helps to prolong the lifespan of the solar PV system, reducing the need for costly replacements in the future.

Investing in regular maintenance can help organisations to meet their environmental sustainability goals by ensuring that their solar PV system is performing at its best, minimizing energy waste, and reducing their carbon footprint.

How do you maintain a solar panel?

For large-scale commercial solar PV systems, it’s more cost-effective to hire a cleaning robot that can automatically clean hundreds of panels in one go, restoring the panels’ performance.

Additionally, it’s important to check for any physical damage to the panels, such as cracked or broken glass, and have them repaired if necessary.

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What’s included with our solar panel maintenance package?

You choose the level of solar panel service they require, from annual servicing to ad-hoc repairs or cleaning and an incident call-line.

Our solar panel servicing options include:

  • Visual System Inspection: Complete check of all electrical hardware and cabling for potential insurable damage.
  • Solar Panel Electrical Testing: In-depth DC electrical testing of solar panels and strings to ensure system integrity.
  • Inverter and Safety Device Testing: Thorough AC electrical testing of inverters, isolators, and protective devices.
  • Cleaning Recommendations: Professional assessment for solar panel cleaning with a personalised quote.
  • Detailed Service Report: Comprehensive solar report detailing the current system status and any suggested solar panel repairs or maintenance work.
  • Expert Assurance: Access to our solar panel service experts via an incident call-line or telephone support for your business.
  • Engineer Availability: Our engineers are on hand for fire safety reviews and assessments.
  • Reactive Repair Service: Assistance with wear and tear, and failures, including inverter problems or visible external system damage, as well as performance issues.
  • Warranty Liaison: If components are under warranty, we’ll communicate with manufacturers’ UK agents on your behalf for all solar panel service needs.

We recommend an annual (or biannual for high-risk systems) preventative and safety assurance solar panel servicing visit to assess that your system is safe, working at its best performance, and delivering your environmental and financial goals.

We perform solar panel maintenance across the UK.


As technical experts, we are here for your renewable technology operations and maintenance needs. A renewable electrical infrastructure is a complex system. It needs both expert knowledge and a timely supply chain. Which is where EvoEnergy comes in. We are the leading solar panel maintenance UK company and EV charger repairs partner for many blue chip UK businesses who come to us for a solar panel service.

You can choose the level of solar panel servicing from:

  • Recommended annual preventative and safety assurance servicing visits
  • Ad hoc reactive repairs
  • An incident call-line

We also specialise in solar panel maintenance services such as:

You can be safe in the knowledge our experts and investment in monitoring systems can protect and optimize your facility for the system’s lifetime.

We are experts at operations and solar panel maintenance in the UK. We can support your renewable energy system’s optimal performance. Let us deliver your environmental and financial goals whilst evidencing electrical and insurance compliance.

We operate nationwide, deploying our skilled engineers to your business. Let us be your commercial renewable technology experts in Solar PV, Battery, HV/LV and EV chargers.

Your 3-Step Solar Maintenance Plan

Inital Survey

When you select our package for solar panel maintenance, we start with a thorough evaluation of your solar system.

System Check-Up

We conduct critical tests on your panels and system components, quickly addressing any needed cleans or tweaks to enhance efficiency.

Repair and Servicing

For any repairs, our team promptly handles issues, including warranty claims, ensuring your solar panels return to peak performance with minimal downtime.

solar panel maintenance

EvoEnergy has been our environmental partners for many years and has continued to deliver on time and on budget. They have been instrumental in paving the way for our long-term net zero commitment.

Riaan Bason, Facilities Manager, Big Yellow Self Storage
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Why choose our operation and maintenance package?

We are the trusted operations and maintenance partner for many businesses across the UK. Discover how we helped Kerry’s Food Groups benefit from triad avoidance, improved load management, and also provide a grid services income for ESB.

The safety of buildings and people is our number one priority. Renewable energy assets are complex electrical installations that have the potential to become unsafe without regular solar panel maintenance in the UK or solar panel servicing. We often support our clients in an emergency or an expensive repair or replacement which could have been avoided. And often for less money with planned maintenance.

Prevention is better and safer than costly repairs or emergencies. Also, at your time of need, knowing our experts are only a phone call or email away is a great reassurance.

Do you operate nationwide?

We pride ourselves on being accredited MCS & NICEIC “Approved Contractors”, the most esteemed qualifications available in the solar industry. With over a decade’s worth of experience, our experienced team has installed and serviced thousands of systems nationwide across the UK.

We are also seeing that evidence of regular maintenance regimes are needed for claims under warranty. Insurers are also taking an increasing interest and a more aggressive line on renewable asset claims, with one of the first requests being to see the preventative maintenance regime from a reputable expert business.

Need to learn more? Read our solar PV maintenance FAQ.


Can a solar panel be repaired?

Certainly, solar panel repairs are a part of our maintenance services. Our MCS & NICEIC accredited repair team can tackle a range of issues, ensuring your solar panels return to optimal performance swiftly.

What are common failures in solar panels?

Typical issues requiring solar panel repairs include micro-cracks, hot spots, and PID. External factors like weather or installation errors also contribute to system failures. Routine solar panel maintenance is crucial to detect and address these problems promptly.

Can solar panels be serviced?

Yes, solar panels benefit greatly from regular servicing, which is a cornerstone of our solar panel maintenance program. Servicing includes thorough cleaning, electrical inspections, and performance assessments to ensure your system’s longevity and efficiency.

What can I do if my solar panels are not working?

If your solar panels are underperforming or not working, immediate solar panel maintenance is advisable. Contact our professional team for a comprehensive check and any necessary solar panel repairs. We advise against DIY interventions to prevent invalidating warranties or causing additional damage.


Meet Our Solar Panel Servicing Team

Alison Henshaw – O&M Senior Administrator

Ricci Deakin – Electrical Installation Supervisor

Liam Blackwell – Operations & Maintenance Analyst

Mark Cureton – O&M Asset Manager

Paul Burton – Service Delivery Manager

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