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Kerry Food Groups

Kerry Foods Group is a global leader in high quality food ingredients, known for advancing the food and beverage industries with sustainable technological growth.


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K e y   S t a t s

Battery Size

2100kW/ 3298kWh

Tesla Powerpack

Tesla Powerpack

Grid Services

Frequency Response

Onsite Benefits

Load Shifting/ Triad Avoidance

The Challenge

Kerry Foods Group is a world leader in the global food industry, best known for producing household brands such as Fridge Raiders, Richmond and Walls. Due to their increasingly intense demand on the electricity grid, the company decided to invest in a new battery and HV connection in order to fuel their operations.

As a result, Tesla were appointed by ESB (Electricity Supply Board) to deliver the system at Kerry Foods. As an approved Tesla partner, we were successful in tendering the project and were appointed by Tesla to develop, design and deliver the civils, HV/LV connection/ install and wire the Tesla Powerpack system. Tesla’s goal was to work with a quality reliable company to develop the design, and install the system.

The HV switchgear upgrade presented the main challenge for this project. Due to the age of the system, it was no longer possible to purchase a new extension switch which was required to add to the existing setup. Our team was required to create a solution that would see their infrastructure brought up to speed with modern technology.


In order to solve this, a new HV reconditioned switch with motorised control was sourced and installed to allow for the connection of the BESS system.

The system itself was a dedicated HV connection at 11000v via a 11000/480v – 2MVA Transformer, Close coupled Battery control Switchboard. This was designed with the G100 export limitation in mind, so, we helped to manage the grid requirements of the DNO, and conducted tests in order to make sure the system met the achieved the accreditation.

Alongside this, we also constructed multiple bases for the batteries to be placed on, and conducted landscaping work, which was supplemented with high quality fencing around the system to establish a level of security for the project.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with Tesla and the client to keep them informed on the progress, the work involved, and why and what we were doing. This was achieved whilst being vigilant that we stayed in line with Kerry Food’s guidelines and worked under CDM regulations the entire time.


From start to finish, the project was completed in three ee months. The site remained largely undisrupted, aside from a short, planned shutdown which allowed for the connection of the new HV switch onto the existing HV switchgear. Further, as the site is an operational factory, our team followed the site-specific requirements as laid out by our client.

The large-scale battery and HV system of 2100/3298 kWhs now allows the food producer to benefit from triad avoidance, improved load management, and also provides a grid services income for ESB. A battery installation of this size is monumental for projects located in Scotland, and is also quite large for a behind the meter connection at 2100 kVA. The success of this project has since lead to Kerry’s Food Group seeing technology like this as a possible solution to be rolled out to their other sites across the UK.

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