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Rainhill Road

Utilising Solfit panels, the system became the largest-scale solar PV installation over clad roofing in the UK. With 1168kWp capacity and 3,115 panels, the project not only significantly reduced carbon emissions but also demonstrates the ability to overcome roof challenges with a unique and innovative solution.


Rainhill road

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The Rainhill Road project presented unique challenges, primarily centered around the need to remedy a leaky roof. The challenge was to design and install a solar solution that not only met the carbon offset goals but also addressed the roof leak without compromising solar efficiency.


Our team tackled the challenge with an innovative approach.

The innovative solution involved using Solfit panels as an overclad PV system.

These panels were installed over the existing roof, providing dual benefits.

The overclad design remedied the leaky roof issue, preventing water ingress where the panels were situated.

This dual-purpose solution not only addressed the client’s primary objectives but also set a precedent as the largest-scale solar PV installed over clad roofing in the UK, marking a milestone for us.

The building’s roof also comprises of 880 glass window modules. This allows natural light to pass through to the interior of the building.


The Rainhill Road Solar PV System Installation was a resounding success.

Our innovative approach not only achieved the client’s carbon offset objectives but also resolved the leaky roof issue.

The project, with its 1168kWp capacity and 3,115 panels, generated an impressive estimated annual output of 942,930kWh, resulting in a significant reduction of 195,250kg of CO2e in the first year based on our calculations.

The addition of a man-safe line and maintenance walkways improved system protection and site functionality, ensuring longevity and ease of access for maintenance purposes.

The integration of a weather station and smart metering system elevated the project’s functionality and monitoring capabilities.

The successful execution of the Rainhill Road Solar PV System Installation showcased our commitment to innovative solutions, overcoming challenges, and setting new benchmarks in the renewable energy sector


'Castle have been thoroughly impressed by EvoEnergy's unique solution for our Former TRW/SNOP Factory Project on Rainhill Road, Washington. Their innovative approach to using Solfit panels as an overclad system not only solves roof's leakage issues but also made a significant contribution to our sustainability goals, making this project a standout in the UK's solar energy landscape. Working with EvoEnergy was a seamless experience; their professionalism and solution-focused mindset truly set them apart’

Shaun Powell - Operations Manager, Castle

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