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Solar Design Company

We’re the go-to commercial solar design company in the UK for organisations. We work with you to deliver solar design services that exceed expectations and reduce the environmental impact of your business.



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Our solar PV system design specialists turn your ideas into reality, with first-class energy technology design


Bespoke solar PV design company

Now is the time to join the growing number of business owners that have discovered the commercial benefits of solar power, battery energy storage and solar design services.

The first step in this process is to enlist the services of a solar design company that can design a cutting edge solution for your business. 

Taking initial ideas and turning them into practical designs can be difficult, but our specialist solar design engineers have the skills and knowledge to make a formulated proposal.

We know that getting the design right is crucial for a project to be a success.  That’s why we offer first-class energy technology design services to our clients, helping them in areas such as grid connection applications, site surveys, and technical specification collation.

Our highly skilled technical team are well equipped to design a bespoke solar system that provides top quality results for your business through a reliable source of green energy.

As a specialist in renewable energy technology, we offer a range of award-winning complementary services and technologies. Our experience, knowledge, and passion set us apart from the competition.

From start to finish, our team of renewable energy experts can help your business save money, reduce mission and secure future energy generation for years to come.

Tesla solar battery storage tailored for commercial enterprises

Why does my business need battery storage and solar design services?

In order to successfully implement a solar energy solution, the process must be professional and expert-led from start to finish – and that all start with design. With over 13 years of experience in designing commercial rooftop solar PV and battery systems, we are able to meet the varying demands of UK businesses in all sectors.

When it comes to solar PV and battery energy storage system design, you need a solution provider who understands that objectives and requirements differ from project to project, and the type of solar panels you may want differ, too – we can design your bespoke solution, whether that’s using roof, ground or floating solar panels

We gain a clear understanding of what our client is trying to achieve from the very beginning and we deliver above and beyond for clients that have specific requirements in terms of aesthetics, performance, energy savings, budget and return on investment. 

You want a design to be discreet and sleek. Using our experience in commercial solar panel design, we’ll create a system that seamlessly blends into the surrounding area.


The benefits of using a solar design company

Solar power is a clean and economical source of power, with most locations being ideal for the implementation of solar panels. EvoEnergy strives to make your business an eco-friendly place for years to come with our solar power design and a solar power solution that is a cost-effective source of electricity.

As your trusted solar design company, we help your business with achieving your goals and reaping the benefits of clean energy, such as:

  • Bringing your business in line with environmental commitments
  • Saving the business money in electricity expenditure whilst benefiting the wider community through the reduction of Co2 emissions
  • Keeping overhead costs low by creating your own source of renewable energy
  • Reducing your businesses’ dependency on the National Grid

We expertly design solar-powered solutions for a diverse range of clients, from government agencies to corporations, looking to build a carbon reduction strategy to protect our planet and our solar design services don’t just stop there.

Our solar PV system design can incorporate other renewable technologies such as solar carports, EV charging, battery storage, HV & LV and Smart Grid for your business. We can also take charge of the entire project for you, from consultation to development and also construction. Then, we can monitor and maintain your renewable technology investment to ensure it stands the test of time.

Are you ready to join businesses of the future? Get in touch today to set up an exploratory call on the challenges facing your business and how we can help every step of the way.


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