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Solar PV Installer

With almost two decades of experience in constructing and commissioning renewable energy projects for organisations, our experience as a leading solar PV installer means we can deliver the very best solutions.


I n t r o d u c t i o n

Our commercial solar panel installation and construction specialists bring your solar design plans to life, using their expertise and care.


UK’s leading bespoke solar panel installers

Solar PV installation is a low-risk investment that is reliable and safe, ensuring a worthwhile return on investment.

As a solar PV installer, we know that every commercial site in the UK is unique and so the first step of the process towards installing a solar panel project is to contact us for a consultation. Once we have your bespoke requirements and have created a suitable solar power design, we can move forward with the installation process following an intensive site survey.  

As a certified solar pv installer, we have a proven track record of installing a wide variety of projects on behalf of our clients from across a range of industries and on roofs of all shapes and sizes.

Always diligent, our construction team are experts in solar commissioning, commercial solar panel installation and completing projects in a timely manner and with minimal disruption.

Solar PV project construction doesn’t have to disturb your site’s operations and processes. Our team of highly skilled renewable energy engineers and solar PV installers are able to complete construction work effectively without affecting your workflow (all whilst sticking to the project schedule).


Why does my business need a commercial solar panel installer?

Whether you are looking to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint or secure your future energy supply, we offer expert commercial solar panel installation services with high yielding solar panels.

With the assistance of our team at EvoEnergy, our solar pv installers can advise you on what sort of projects are attractive to banks and lenders, plus we can help you understand what will be the best return on investment for you as part of the consultation process.

If permission needs to be granted by the local planning authority in order to install solar panels on the site, we can offer comprehensive assistance in completing applications and providing any information requested, to guarantee the process is as quick and easy as possible.

During the solar PV installation phase, we can also work alongside architects, lead contractors and building consultants to ensure that you are getting the most out of your building project.


A PV installer for Solar commissioning

Solar field acceptance and solar commissioning testing is a critical phase with any solar PV installation. This is the part of the project where we ensure the end results are reflective of the project objectives and requirements.

After the installation and inspection of your solar PV system has been completed and the inspection is done, the system will be ready to be plugged into the grid to transfer energy. Meanwhile, we as the solar PV installer will hand the responsibilities to the owner or operator of the system.

There are steps and requirements to commissioning PV systems that differ depending on the system size and complexity of the design. Our team has experience with commissioning systems of all complexities and no requirement is too difficult or complicated for us.


The benefits of EvoEnergy’s solar PV installation team

Our team of solar PV installers are expertise in managing commercial PV installation projects from start to finish, and have demonstrated that we are a team with a tremendous amount of talent and skill.

Our team is responsible for planning and delivering the solar PV project objectives and that takes more than just labour and materials. Our team are professionals, with a keen eye for detail and excellent project management skills. 

As your trusted (and the UK’s leading) solar PV installers, we can help your business with achieving your goals and reaping the benefits of clean energy, such as:

  • A smooth and seamless transition to an attractive and highly functional solar-powered design
  • The primary business function of our project management is organising and planning projects that tame the naturally chaotic nature of a project. A clear path mapped out from start to finish ensures the outcome meets your project goals and no stone goes unturned during the process
  • We work to strict schedules, as we know they are key to a successful project. Without a schedule, a project has a higher probability of delays and cost overruns
  • Resources can be costly. We utilise project management disciplines such as project tracking and risk management to ensure all resources are used efficiently and economically

When carrying out solar installation, we can also incorporate other renewable technologies such as solar carports, EV charging, battery storage, HV & LV and Smart Grid for your business. 

In addition to the construction of your renewable energy project, we can take charge of the entire project for you, from consultation to development. After we have installed your design, we can monitor and maintain your renewable technology investment to ensure it stands the test of time.

Are you ready to join businesses of the future? Get in touch today to set up an exploratory call on the challenges facing your business and how we can help every step of the way.


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