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How Your Business Can Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions

The drive towards the government’s target of achieving net zero by 2050 is well underway. What can your business do to reduce carbon emissions?



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Net zero isn’t simply a buzzword anymore. It’s essential for the future of our planet. The time to act is now.

What does net zero mean?

Net zero means that your business operations are carbon neutral and have no impact on the environment. Companies of all shapes and sizes have started to make changes towards implementing sustainable practices. This was since the government’s target of achieving net zero by 2050 catapulted the need to become net zero to the forefront of business plans across the UK.

Having a net zero carbon footprint, or being carbon neutral, shows that your business has been able to balance their carbon emissions with the act of offsetting or CO₂ removal altogether. Due to the government’s firm stance on carbon neutrality, this has become essential for many business and is now commonly a major factor for winning an order from a client.

“Forget about net zero. We need real zero.”

(Greta Thunberg, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, January ‘20)

How can my business achieve net zero?

There are two routes that a firm can choose to achieve carbon neutrality and create a net zero building; by balancing carbon emissions or reducing them all together. Balancing carbon emissions means that the firm will offset their impact on the environment by making up for the CO₂ elsewhere – helping to achieve net zero by 2050. However, this masks the environmental issue as even though we’re achieving net zero, it’s not real zero.

A better approach is to change the sources and methods used by industries to obtain their energy, reducing carbon emissions completely. This can be achieved through the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power, battery storage and electrical vehicle charging.


Why go net zero?

With increasing pressure from the government and society for greener businesses, ‘going green’ has now become essential to differentiate your business in the market and to remain competitive. Whilst reducing your carbon emissions is a credible practice to reduce the environmental impact of your company’s operations, the reasons and benefits of going green are much more diverse.

Going carbon neutral helps your business to achieve quantifiable CSR targets such as CO₂ reduction and energy grid independence. What’s more, demonstrating your desire to limit your environmental impact has become a major market winner in today’s competitive business world. Showing how you’re meeting sustainability targets can be the deciding factor when winning over a client or customer.

What programs are in place to encourage the race to net zero by 2050?

Companies from all over the world are coming together to commit to carbon reduction strategies for the benefit of our society in TEDTalk’s new ‘RacetoZero. Join us and get involved as we’re taking an active role in helping the drive towards net zero for both ourselves and our clients in order to create a greener future.


How can your business achieve net zero?

How can your business achieve net zero?

We’ve got a wealth of experience in helping businesses from all types of industries in the UK reduce their carbon footprint and guide them towards net zero. We can work with you to design and engineer a bespoke renewable energy technology solution (such as solar PV) that makes a measurable and meaningful contribution towards your business’s CSR targets. We also make sure the right solution is implemented to meet and exceed any compliance demands.

Aftercare, maintenance and longevity is a key priority of our business strategy. That’s why we give you the means to monitor the performance of your system and support you with any communication strategies. Working with our expert specialist onsite team, we provide ongoing operation and maintenance support for the lifetime of your system to make sure you continue to deliver year-on-year benefits.

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What are we doing to reach net zero carbon emissions?


What are we doing to reach net zero carbon emissions?

As a renewable energy company we help others reduce their carbon emission, whether that be in the form of installing solar PV, battery storage or installing EV chargers. In order to lead by example and understand the damage carbon emissions is having on our planet, we have set out to reduce our own emissions.

In order to combat climate change and reduce the carbon costs, we have worked with CarbonFootprint.com to carry out an assessment of our employee’s footprint, our company footprint, the emissions per project and the emissions from our O&M services. This is an industry wide recognised assessment process, which therefore, demonstrates our commitment to lowering our impact on the environment.

From doing this, we are delighted to have received the carbon footprint standard, and therefore, we are now a Carbon Footprint – CO₂e assessed company. This verification highlights our carbon footprint assessment and measuring procedures is to a high industry standard, and provides us with recommendations on how to continue to reduce our emissions into the future. Find out more about it here.

Have you ever wondered; “how much energy could I generate with solar panels on my roof?”.

With our solar PV carbon offset calculator tool, you can find that out. Just by simply entering your roof size, you will receive your system size, energy output and potential money saved in the first year (estimated results).

This will give you an idea of what your carbon savings could be from installing solar panels on your roof. Give it a go today.



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