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Solar Panel Calculator UK

With the rise in energy prices, the time to reduce your electricity expenditure is now. You can use our solar panel calculator to see how much CO₂ and money your business could save with the installation of panels on your roof.



Solar Panel Calculator UK

Use our solar panel calculator to see how much CO₂ you can save by installing PV on the roof of your building.

If you are worried about your energy bills or if you think that your customers may want to work with a supply chain that is in line with public opinion on carbon then we suggest that you get in touch to see what can be done to support you and your business.

Contact our renewable energy experts today by using the enquire button above.

Rising Energy Bills

With the increase in UK energy prices, many businesses and organiations are exploring ways to reduce their electricity expenditure. By installing solar panels on your unused roof space, you can provide your premises with a reliable source of clean energy.

In addition to this, you will be able to reduce the impact of your business's operations on the environment, which is becoming increasingly important for UK clients when choosing who to work with.

The time to act is now.


Why Should I Use A Solar Panel Calculator?

Have you ever wondered; “how much energy could I generate with solar panels on my roof?”, or “how much money can I save with solar panels?”

With our solar panel calculator tool for the UK, you can find that out. Just by simply entering your roof size, you’ll receive your system size, energy output, and potential money saved in the first year.

This will give you an idea of what your carbon savings could be from installing solar panels on your roof in the UK.

Given the increase in UK energy costs, installing PV on your unused roof space has become a viable solution for many organisations looking to reduce their electricity costs.

What’s more, demonstrating your desire to limit your environmental impact has become a major market winner in today’s competitive business world as the achievement of sustainability targets can be the deciding factor when winning over a client or customer.

Ultimately, a solar PV system can save your business money, reduce carbon emissions and lower dependence on the UK national grid. Start your journey today with our solar panel calculator.

Sun-powered transformation atop the manufacturing warehouse: solar panels in action.

What is A Solar Panel Calculator?

With recent advances made in technology, solar PV has become an economically viable option for many UK businesses with a large roof space to generate a significant amount of energy. However, many people are unsure as to what their carbon savings from solar PV could be.

Our solar panel calculator for the UK will provide you with an estimate of how much money you can expect to save.

These results can form the basis for a discussion with your management team in order to make a well-informed decision on whether or not to commission the installation of a solar PV system. The estimated output from the solar panel calculator shows how much money you can save for the first year on your energy bills, as well as a range for return on investment.

The benefits of installing solar PV stretch far beyond just a financial decision, it’s also worth considering how it can allow your business to become less dependent on the grid and reduce the impact of your activities on the environment.


footprint in ground from solar panel calculator uk

How Can I Offset My Business’s Carbon Emissions?

The solar panel calculator UK is just the starting point, there are multiple methods that your business can use to reduce your carbon emissions. For example, the use of solar PV in combination with battery energy storage or electric vehicle charging points can also help to offset your carbon emissions.

These renewable energy technologies all work in conjunction with each other, as the energy harnessed by your solar panels can be used in your building or stored for use at a later date via a battery energy storage system.

This means that you can avoid paying for higher rate energy charges from the grid during the daytime, which will help contribute towards achieving your financial goals.

By using a combination of renewable energy technologies, you can establish an effective distribution of energy around the site.

This energy can be used to offset your carbon emissions from your current business activities by either loading it into the electric chargers, or by exporting it back to the grid for an additional source of revenue.

For more information on how to offset your business’s carbon emissions, visit this guide for SMEs.

Overall, going carbon neutral helps your business to achieve quantifiable CSR targets such as CO₂ reduction, and attain energy grid independence. Find out how much energy you can generate from your roof with our solar panel calculator tool.

How can we help your UK business?

As the UK’s market leader in renewable energy solutions, we are in the best position to help your business to offset your carbon emissions. We also offer supplementary technologies, which would work in harmony with an electric vehicle charging facility, such as, site electrical upgrades, battery storage and solar PV, perhaps all combined into a private Smart Grid.

These technologies would allow your business to harness the power of renewable energy and provide enough power needed to fast charge a wide range of electric cars.

Ultimately, it is down to us to make the change towards sustainability in order to create a greener future and create significant energy cost savings. Now is a good time to assess your net zero aspirations and talk to us about how we can help achieve them.

Our team of renewable energy experts are available to provide Net Zero consultancy and renewable (Solar, EV, battery) quotations alongside installation operations and maintenance support to asset owners.


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