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Mount Farm - Rhenus

Our team designed and installed a 258.4kWp solar PV project for our client. The primary goal of this project was to offset carbon emissions and contribute to the client’s sustainability objectives. This case study highlights the challenges we faced, the innovative solutions we implemented, and the remarkable results achieved through this project.


Rhenus solar PV installtion

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The project was secured through a competitive tender process from Syzygy, signifying the trust our client placed in our expertise. Rhenus, the building’s tenant, had a clear objective: to offset carbon emissions and enhance their sustainability profile.

The project’s timeline required that it be installed and fully functioning before the end of the summer. One of the key challenges we encountered was the technical limitations posed by the existing main LV distribution board. This necessitated innovative wiring solutions and technical drawing modifications to accommodate the new solar distribution board seamlessly.


Our team of experts embarked on designing a solar PV system to meet the client’s objectives. With 608 Trina 425Wp panels, the system was meticulously designed to achieve a system size of 258.4 kWp.

To address the challenges posed by the existing distribution board, we introduced a busbar chamber that not only integrated the existing board but also facilitated the connection to our solar distribution board.

This innovative solution ensured smooth integration and efficient power distribution.

To ensure the safety and accessibility of the system, we installed a CAT ladder on the main roof, along with a CAT ladder and mansafe system on the higher roof.

These additions not only provided increased protection for the system but also enhanced overall site access functionality, ensuring the longevity and ease of maintenance.


The annual output of 232,470kWh of clean energy contributes significantly to our client’s sustainability goals while reducing their dependency on the national grid.

In just the first year, the project led to a reduction of 48,138kg CO2e, making a substantial contribution to carbon emissions reduction.

The installation has successfully contributed to the decarbonisation of the client’s portfolio and enhances their environmental reputation.

In conclusion, our commitment to innovation and excellence has led to the successful completion of a challenging solar PV installation project.

Our ability to overcome technical limitations, provide innovative solutions, and deliver exceptional results underscores our position as a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector.

This project stands as a testament to our dedication to sustainable energy solutions and our unwavering commitment to our clients’ objectives.

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