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United Cast Bar

Based in Chesterfield, UCB is the world’s premier producer of continuous cast iron bars to be used in construction and manufacturing across the globe.


tesla megapack next to brick wall outside

K e y   S t a t s

Battery Size

500kW/ 850kWh


Tesla Powerpack

Grid services

Frequency response

Onsite Benefits

Load shifting/ Triad avoidance

The Challenge

The intensity of the manufacturing process made UCB eager to save on their peak electricity charges. We were appointed to install a 500kw/950kWh Tesla Battery system at the manufacture’s site in Derbyshire.

The site, which uses 7MWh of energy per year, presented a number of obstacles. These included the need to upgrade the existing high-voltage infrastructure to allow for the Telsa Battery System to be installed as well as the construction of a bespoke raised steel frame, as the site is located within a flood plain.


Our in-house technical team worked alongside both Telsa and UCB to ensure the system was delivered on time, met the customer’s requirements and demonstrated significant savings on their current energy costs.


We completed the high voltage and battery system installation within three months, with no disruption to UCB’s business. Making sure the site team were compliment with health and safety procedures was particularly important as the UCB manufacturing facility is a fully functioning steel foundry, and so special measures were taken to make certain everyone on site stayed safe.

This project is an excellent example of how battery energy storage systems can provide grid services and reduce peak demand, which is useful for large power consumers. The Tesla system’s modular arrangement provides flexibility that other battery systems cannot offer. Today the system continues to benefit UCB’s energy efficiency status.

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