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Trent Basin

This is a new kind of sustainable housing project consisting of high quality, low energy homes and apartments, located on the banks of the River Trent in Nottingham.



K e y   S t a t s

Battery Size

500kw/ 2100kWh


Tesla Powerpack

Frequency response

Grid services

Onsite benefits

Load shifting/ Triad avoidance

The Challenge

We were awarded the tender to design and install a 500kW/2100kWh battery at the innovative Trent Basin Project. The choice and installation of the battery was crucial to the success of the scheme as it is integral to the Community Energy System.

The novel project was an important milestone, not just for us, but for the renewable energy industry in general, notably because it was the largest Tesla community battery in Europe, and the first in the UK. Therefore, it was a challenging project for us but, in such situations, we often do our best and most rewarding work.


We designed and installed the battery energy storage unit for the development, whilst utilising a number of other green technologies for generation and consumption. We were also instrumental in the planning application, the distribution network operator application and the site energy centre construction.

Working alongside the ongoing construction of the Trent Basin development, the installation took just over two months for all onsite work to be fully complete. This required us to coordinate our team of highly skilled engineers and contractors to successfully install the battery within the allocated budget and time.


The installation of this battery has revolutionised the local energy system. It can store 2100kWh of energy delivering 500kW of power, which translates to boiling 167 electric kettles simultaneously for more than four hours.

In addition to the battery, the development of more than 500 homes on the banks of the River Trent also benefit from heat stores and ground source heat pumps, as well as an urban solar farm, which generates green electricity that will be stored in the battery and then redistributed to the rest of the community. This allows community level energy grid independence without having to rely on bigger producers. The residents also have low energy bills.

Since the battery went live, our operations and maintenance team regularly visit the site to carry out proactive maintenance to make sure the battery is kept in peak condition.

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