What maintenance is involved with each of our technologies?

We are the trusted renewable energy solar panel maintenance and servicing partner for many blue-chip businesses in the UK. Even if your systems were not installed by us, you can find confidence in us as your new partner.

Solar PV

Solar panels are a common way of generating renewable energy, but occasionally they can incur performance issues lowering their effectiveness overtime – therefore, we offer a wide range of services in our maintenance.

  • Solar panel maintenance inspections
  • Solar panel repairs
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • An expert to call when an incident occurs
  • Performance monitoring
  • Manage your warranty claims on failed components

Battery Storage

Batteries are large and complex pieces of equipment. Regular maintenance can highlight possible issues before they become a problem.
Our Operation and Maintenance package include:

  • Thermal Imagery, Torque Checks, Calibration Checks and Visual Inspection (rodents, etc)
  • Radiator and Cabinet Cleaning
  • Refrigerant Refill
  • Battery Pack, Fan, Pump and Harness Checks and Replacements
  • Replacement
  • Paint Touch Up and Site Maintenance


EV Chargers

EV chargers have low maintenance requirements. However, they can be hazardous and potentially lethal if issues arise. It is important to be maintained by a qualified expert.
Our EV charger operation and maintenance package include the below:

  • EV Charger Repairs
  • Visual Inspection
  • Check Charging
  • Incident Call and Performance
  • Performance Report
  • Remove and Refit
  • Replacement



Should a power failure occur, it could be expensive and cause major disruption to your business. Our engineers will regularly inspect that your network is mechanically sound and mitigate potential issues before it is too late.
We can carry out a visual or full electrical test and inspection of HV/LV installations and provide routine maintenance of all mechanical or electrical elements, including oil filled transformers and switchgear. Our service includes:

  • Protection Testing
  • Inspection of Substances and Equipment
  • Transformers
  • Paint Touch Up & Site Maintenance
  • Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Electrical and Mechanical Site Maintenance