What is HV & LV infrastructure?

Simply put, we help businesses increase their energy efficiency by upgrading their electricity infrastructure. Our HV/LV installation and maintenance service can update any buildings’ electrical infrastructure, no matter how old the building. HV and LV stands for high voltage and low voltage. HV/LV infrastructure refers to the systems that are concerned with transforming an electrical current from one to the other, altering the voltage as it reaches different areas and components.

In the case of a house or smaller building, the National Grid does much of the work that is needed to keep your electricity supply appropriate for your needs. Larger, industrial facilities have very different requirements. They often need to have their own HV/LV infrastructure in place to keep their electrical supply as efficient as possible.

What are the commercial benefits of HV and LV infrastructure?

If your facility has been around for a while, it’s likely that its infrastructure is unsuited to its current uses. If the facility has only ever been used by one business, that business’s requirements will still have changed over time, which means that the old systems might not be able to power the site as effectively as possible.

Even if your requirements haven’t changed all that much, older infrastructure will have lost efficiency through natural wear and tear. Updating or replacing it is a natural part of its lifecycle.

Carrying out these changes will result in your business working on a site that is fully prepared to deal with your most up to date processes and needs. The commercial benefits from your increased capacity to run the machinery you want to run at the levels you need it to operate. If your machinery is running more efficiently, you will see greater productivity compared to previous timeframes and get more value from the electricity you use.