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The popular discount supermarket chain has an incredibly expansive operational reach. This project was for a 2MW solar system to be installed on the regional distribution centre located in Derby.



K e y   S t a t s


839,658kg Co2 saved per year


£5,674,500 saved over 25-years


100% of electricity generated onsite

System size

2.1 MWp

Panels installed

8,240 Renesola 255W

Annual output

1,746,000 kWh

The Challenge

Constructing a large warehouse is an effective way to increase your capacity and expand your company’s reach. However, these massive buildings typically leave the organisation with a huge carbon footprint, polluting excessive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

With the building still under construction, we were tasked with the difficult challenge of coordinating installers, electricians and contractors on site to ensure the project was delivered efficiently and on time.


The 8,240-panel system was designed and installed using Renselo 255W solar panels, each connected to Fronius inverter technology in a purpose built room within the centre. It took our 10 man team just under eight weeks to complete the installation and was delivered on time and within the budget.

The solar panels were installed with an east/west split in order to efficiently spread the generation throughout the day. This arrangement also allowed more panels to be installed on the roof-space to facilitate a bigger system size.


Now operational, the array is generating an estimated 1,746 MWh per year of clean energy – equivalent to powering the electricity demand of more than six of the discount supermarket’s retail stores for a whole year.

The installation has since helped the international retailer save 839,658kg of CO2 per year reducing their impact on the environment whilst also contributing to the government’s goal of reaching net zero by 2050. Additionally, the system will help the company save a staggering £5,674,500 over a 25-year period which can be re-invested into other parts of the company for further growth. Today, this distribution center – one of the UK’s largest cold stores – is also one of the most energy efficient.

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