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U. S. Embassy

As the focal point for events in the UK that concern America, the embassy advances the interests of the United States, and to serve and protect U.S. citizens in the United Kingdom.


solar panels on top of us embassy

K e y   S t a t s

CO2 saved per year

57,000kg CO2 saved per year

Electricity generated

100% electricity generated is used onsite

System size


Panels installed

576 SunPower 327W panels

Annual output

162, 736 kWh



The Challenge

To instal 576 SunPower 327W panels on the embassy’s roof, despite limited space.

Given the nature and importance of the building, the project makes it one of the most iconic PV installations in our portfolio. The unique structure features the latest in architectural design and security, including a bomb-proof exterior, anti-ram barriers and a surrounding moat.

The PV installation itself was exceptionally complex due to the flat concrete roof being filled with a number of vents for the buildings AHU and CHP systems, meaning that a design had to be made to utilise the space in between the existing structures.

Challenges were presented during the installation period as heightened security clearance was required for the team to access the site each day. This provided further complications for bringing equipment on site, which all required rigerous security clearing, which was to be booked in advance.


As the roof space was limited, a high efficiency module was chosen over traditional panels to ensure that output was fully optimised. Fixing the panels to the concrete roof also required a bespoke designed frame. To angle the panels up by five degrees, the framing system required upstands to be fitted prior to finishing the roof surface with a waterproof membrane and insulation.

With the roof surface designed to be uneven for drainage, extra attention and care had to be given by the installation team to ensure all of the upstands were erected to the same height
across the entire roof.

A three-man team worked on the PV installation periodically over 12 months, working around various stages of the build. Large equipment, such as the panels, were hoisted to the rooftop using the service crane, where smaller items were transported to the roof via the building’s goods lift.


The building is now a first rate example of how to design and construct a contemporary carbon-free structure. The building’s designers have taken eco-opportunity as far as possible as photovoltaic cells were embedded in the building’s wavy sail-like structure which surround the building, which then supplements the PV array installed by EvoEnergy.

It was a totally bespoke project, and with an annual output of over 162,700 kWh and carbon reduction savings of 57,211kg per year, the building demonstrates how complex challenges can be solved with innovative solutions.

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