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Plastic Omnium

An independent, family-owned automotive supplier, who develops innovative products and solutions for the cleaner and connected car of the future.


solar pv for commercial business

K e y   S t a t s

Carbon emissions

210,000kg per year

Amount saved

£2,690,000 saved over a 25-year period

On site electricity

100% of electricity generated is used on site

System Size


Panels Installed

3,664 x Trina 275W

Annual Output


The Challenge

Plastic Omnium’s roof space – almost as large as a premier league football pitch – was selected by Warrington Council as part of their investment in renewable energy sources. The agreement between the two parties meant that the council would rent the car component manufacture’s roof space and place 3,664 Trina 275w panels creating a 999kwp system.

In order for the system to be installed, the site was required to go under full electrical shut down which was programmed in during Plastic Omnium’s 2-week annual maintenance period to avoid disruption to site operations. This required our highly skilled team of electrical engineers to complete a full installation within the allocated time period, without any hiccups in the building process.


The sheer scale of the size required a firm with a wealth of experience in successful completing within large commercial sized installations. We were chosen from a shortlist which consisted of five other well-known solar construction companies.

We were involved at every stage during the development of the project, from design right through to installation and handover. The system itself was a complete design with a unique inverter station placed inside a custom-made containerized solution, which provides added mechanical protection from potential weather damage.


The system was successfully installed and fully operational within the allocated time frame. The large system currently generates an output of 735,000kWh per year, which reduces the facilities’ carbon emissions by 210,000kg per year and is set to save almost £2.7m across a 25-year period.

The panels provide the firm with discounted electricity and all the profits made by the council through the deal is used to fund essential services which benefits the local community.

The scheme will generate a revenue income to the Council over 20 years, which will be used to support essential council services. We are actively looking at other possible installations and assessing their feasibility for future projects.

Russ Bowden, Councillor, Warrington Council
solar PV with powerplant in the background

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