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DPD is an international parcel delivery company. With services that cover most of mainland Europe, they transport goods for both consumers and businesses from point A to point B.


solar panels on roof next to main road

K e y   S t a t s

Carbon Emissions

407,852kg CO2 saved per year

Amount saved

£2,600,000 saved over 25 years

On site electricity

14.5% of electricity self-generated onsite

System Size


Panels Installed

3,636 x Trina 275W

Annual Output

860 MWh Electricity

The Challenge

DPD partnered with us to install a 1 MWp system on the rooftop of their busy distribution site and headquarters as part of their ongoing commitment to being carbon neutral. This helped them meet financial and environmental goals.

The West Midlands site sorts and distributes regional parcels for both national and international delivery. It offered a good south facing, trapezoidal roof with over 5,000 square metres of space with minimal shading on which to install solar.

However, when applying for grid connection, the regional Distribution Network Operator (DNO) enforced a 500 kWp export limitation. To combat this, we designed the system with a unique High Voltage sensing Export Power Control (XPC) device to constrain the amount of power that would be exported at any given time, allowing DPD to install the full size array they wanted to maximise the energy and carbon savings onsite.


A ten-man team installed the system over an eight-week period, utilising a single point of access to the roof to minimise disruption to the busy operations below. A telehandler was utilised to transport pallets of panels from the specially assigned storage yard and site office onsite before hoisting to the rooftop where they were manually offloaded and carried to position.

The 999.9 kWp system was installed using 3,636 Trina 275W panels, connected to 28 SolarEdge inverters that were mounted on purpose-built frames in a designated area within the building. Special attention was also given to the system’s cable management for a more organised installation, easier maintenance and overall aesthetics.

In addition to SolarEdge inverters, which DPD purchased an extended 25-year warranty for, SolarEdge optimisers were also fitted to each panel to maximise the generation of the system. In addition to enhancing system performance, Solar Edge technology also provides arc fault protection to prevent fires by automatically reducing the voltage to a safe level should any issues by detected; a huge safety benefit that was important to the company.


Now fully operational, the system generates approximately 860 MWh of clean electricity every year with 85% expected to be used onsite. With over 400,000kg of carbon also expected to be saved every year, the investment forms part of DPD’s ‘Driving Change’ Corporate Social Responsibility strategy which aims to make every parcel they deliver ‘carbon neutral’ at no extra cost to their customers.

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