Solar panels on Gompels Healthcare in Wiltshire

Healthcare and Hospital Solar Panels

Home >> Sectors >> Healthcare Private hospitals, clinics and surgeries can save money on energy bills and have an additional source of income with a solar PV system. With our experience, EvoEnergy understands the importance of causing minimum patient disruption when installing solar […]

Solar panels on a hospitality and leisure business

Hospitality & Leisure

Home >> Sectors >> Hospitality & Leisure Energy is one of the biggest costs for multi-site hospitality and leisure businesses. We install solar panels in hotels and centres, helping you make huge savings on your energy bills. With solar PV systems and LED […]

Solar panels on a school

Solar for Schools & Education

Home >> Sectors >> Education Your school can benefit from free solar through a Power Purchase Agreement, providing both significant long term savings on energy bills and creating a positive impact on the environment. For more details on education in the public sector, please […]

Solar panels on an office and shopping centre

Solar Panels for Office Buildings

Home >> Sectors >> Office SME’s with offices can benefit from energy bills savings and a second source of income through a self-funded solar PV system. Similarly, corporate landlords that are required to complete mandatory ESOS assessments can consider LED lighting and a […]

Solar Panels on a Logistics Company

Transport & Logistics

Home >> Sectors >> Transport & Logistics Through an attractive Power Purchase Agreement for solar PV, third party logistics companies can reduce energy bills and improve their green credentials with the added benefit of improved client relationships. Typically with large warehouses and transport […]

Solar panels on a wholesale and retail business

Wholesale & Retail

Home >> Sectors >> Wholesale & Retail By installing a free solar PV system through a Power Purchase Agreement, retailers and wholesalers can benefit from lower energy bills to reduce overheads and remain competitive. Furthermore, a solar PV system also demonstrates a positive […]

Solar Panels for Construction on the Walkie Talkie


Home >> Sectors >> Construction A solar PV system will help you meet all minimum renewable energy requirements across the construction sector including PART L (of the building regulations) and the London Plan, in addition to improving your BREEAM score. Evo Energy demonstrates […]

Solar panels on BWM Mini manufacturing plant


Home >> Sectors >> Manufacturing Solar panels for manufacturers can often be installed at no cost through a Power Purchase Agreement. Large roof spaces make power-intensive manufacturers a perfect candidate for solar PV. This renewable technology can mean business energy saving, environmental benefits […]

Solar panels for agriculture and farming


Home >> Sectors >> Farming & Agriculture The increasing cost of electricity year on year puts farms under heavy pressure to maintain profitability. Through an attractive power purchase agreement, we install free solar panels on agricultural land. This deal allows you to […]

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