In this video, Mark Wakeford, Chair of the Skills Group of The Solar TaskForce, dives into the ambitious goals and strategic efforts of the Solar Task Force, a collaboration between government and industry experts aimed at significantly expanding the UK’s solar energy capacity.

The task force is challenged with this ambitious goal: to escalate solar generation capacity from 15 gigawatts (GW) to 70 GW by 2035, marking a five-fold increase within a similar timeframe of approximately 12-13 years.

This initiative highlights a pivotal moment in the UK’s renewable energy sector, emphasising the urgency and scale of the transition required to meet these objectives.

The task force, consisting of 12 members from both government and industry, is dedicated to identifying and overcoming barriers, creating a conducive environment, and seizing opportunities to accelerate solar energy deployment.

With several passionate experts and subgroups focusing on specific challenges and solutions, the task force is addressing the entire value chain of solar energy – from planning and installation to maintenance and operation.

Key areas of focus include advocating for more skills and attracting the right talent to fill industry gaps.

As Mark Wakeford highlights, the success of this ambitious plan hinges on efficiently navigating through various stages, including planning processes for solar farms.

The industry eagerly anticipates a comprehensive report due in spring 2024, which will outline detailed strategies and recommendations for achieving these significant solar energy targets.