Christmas 2024 – Where did 2023 go? With UK political and social life distracting the eye of the press, it may be surprising to learn that the solar sector has been flat out designing and delivering installations from the small the very large across the UK.

On the national stage the solar industry has been elevated to a position where it has its own taskforce looking at the enablers and the blockers to a fivefold increase in solar PV generation from 15GW to 70GW by 2035. This taskforce recognises the fact that without 70GW of solar in twelve years’ time, the UK will fail to achieve its net zero goal by 2050.

This increase is a massive opportunity for our sector that will require us all to step up our production and our performance if solar energy is to take its place as a recognised and reliable part of the UK’s energy infrastructure.

Within EvoEnergy, we have been just as busy. Some of the projects we have completed over the past 12 months are;

Aldi Leamington Spa Eco Store

The Aldi Eco Concept Store at The Shires Retail Park stands as a testament to Aldi’s commitment to sustainability, we designed and installed a solar system to supplement the store’s with eco-friendly design.

The store’s 209kWp solar PV system, accompanied by features like recycled lighting columns and a partial green roof, has become a beacon of clean energy generation. This system, consisting of 709 solar panels, is estimated to annually produce 167,409kWh, which is calculated at significantly reducing the store’s energy demand by 57% compared to conventional stores.

Positioned as a model for eco-conscious retail, the Aldi Eco Concept Store sets a new standard for the seamless integration of solar PV technology into commercial operations, inspiring similar initiatives nationwide.

National Cycling Centre

We successfully designed and installed a solar carport system at the National Cycling Centre in alignment with Manchester City Council’s vision for clean energy initiatives.

Our innovative solution involved crafting asymmetrical Y-shaped canopies, 3.5 meters high for taller vehicles, and implementing features such as Solaredge Module Level Power Electronics for enhanced monitoring and energy generation.

With a system size of 196kWp and an estimated annual generation reaching 171,788kWh, the solar carport not only contributes to sustainable energy but also incorporates safety measures, aesthetic considerations, and advanced technology.

Completed in July 2023, the project reflects EvoEnergy’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar solutions in challenging urban environments.

Royal Mint

We delivered a solar ground mount system for the Royal Mint, the official manufacturer of British coins.

The 2.19MWP system, featuring 4,056 panels, aligns with the company’s commitment to the Green Key Award, reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy expenditure.

Awarded the project through Infinite Renewables, we integrated the solar PV system into the private HV network, connected directly to the Mint’s site through a private wire arrangement. The bespoke containerised substation, constructed offsite, and the use of bi-facial modules and Huawei inverters maximise energy yield and efficiency.

The Royal Mint now boasts a reliable source of solar power, complementing its existing wind turbine system, and ongoing monitoring ensures optimal performance.


Using Solfit panels, we designed and installed a solar PV system, marking the largest-scale solar PV installation over clad roofing in the UK.

With a capacity of 1.17MWp and 3,115 panels, the project is not only estimated to achieve significant carbon emissions reduction but also addresses the challenge of a leaky roof through an innovative overclad PV solution.

This dual-purpose approach contributes to an estimated annual output of 942,930kWh, saving an estimated 195,250kg of CO2e in the first year alone.

The success of the installation was further highlighted by the addition of safety features like a man-safe line and maintenance walkways, along with the integration of a weather station and smart metering system, showcasing our commitment to innovation, problem-solving, and excellence in the renewable energy sector.


We successfully addressed Harrods’ sustainability goals by designing and implementing a 1.6MWp rooftop solar PV system on their Thames Valley building.

Overcoming challenges like installing new infrastructure and executing a complex shutdown procedure, our teams showcased expertise in renewable energy.

Anticipated to generate an impressive annual output of 1,415,975 kWh and achieve a substantial carbon offset of 300,654 kgCO2e in the first year, this project not only met Harrods’ sustainability objectives but also set a precedent for future solar initiatives within their property portfolio.

To help deliver these schemes the EvoEnergy team has grown with a further eight people in 2023 and the breadth of our services now includes more detailed assessments of our maintenance services and the ability to provide embedded carbon calculations to our customers.

2024 looks like being another busy year as our customers continue their transitions to net-zero. We wish all our customers and suppliers greetings for the seasons and hope that they all have a profitable, low-carbon 2024.

Our Recent Projects



In regard to awards, EvoEnergy has once again been recognised for its outstanding work this year receiving the following awards:

National Energy Efficiency Awards

Solar PV Installer Of The Year – Third Place

BDM/ Director of the Year – Stephanie Machin – Special Commendation

Project Management Company Of The Year – Special Commendation

Regional Energy Efficiency Awards

East Midlands Solar PV Installer & Contractor Of The Year – Highly Commended

East Midlands Energy Consultant/Consultancy Of The Year – Commended

East Midlands BDM/ Director of the year – Stephanie Machin – Highly Commended

The Energy Awards

Energy Project Of The Year – Hawkers Hil – Shortlisted

Energy Champion Of The Year – Stephanie Machin

Prestige Awards

Solar Energy Consultancy Of The Year – Winner

The Energy Saving Awards

Smart Buildings Product Of The Year – Aldi Leamington Spa – Highly Commended

The Electrical Industry Awards

Electrical Project Of The Year – Hawkers Hill

Social Value Quality Mark

Bronze Level


As part of our ongoing commitment to community support and social responsibility, we are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the New Tupton Ivanhoe U11 Gold Football Team.

New Tupton Ivanhoe U11 Gold faced a challenging situation just four weeks away from the season’s start, lacking the essential kit to play and train.

Recognising the importance of youth sports and community involvement, we stepped in to provide the necessary support.

Mason Hamlin, the team’s coach, expressed his gratitude, saying: “We had no kit to play in, no equipment for training, and I had 12 young players relying on me to find a way so that we could actually play and take part in the season. We sent over 100 emails to local businesses in a plea to sponsor our team, and EvoEnergy stepped up.”

The sponsorship funds have not only enabled the team to acquire their much-needed kits but also facilitated the purchase of training equipment, jackets, balls, and a training kit. The entire team is immensely thankful for the support received.

We believe in investing in the well-being and development of our communities, and supporting youth sports aligns perfectly with our values. We are proud to contribute to the success and enjoyment of New Tupton Ivanhoe U11 Gold.

We are delighted to have received an industry standard certification from Carbon Footprint. We are now a Carbon Footprint – CO₂e assessed company. In order to measure this, we were assessed to an industry standard certification by (based on scope 1 & 2 emissions).

To complete this assessment, we measured our business’s operations on a multitude of different activities including our office operating expenses, flights, fuel usage and other sources of carbon.

Our assessment covers the period April 2022 – March 2023. This ensures that our results are comparable to the previous year. This latest assessment has measured our carbon emissions at 52.03 metric tons of CO₂e, which is 1.33 metric tons per employee. This is a decrease of 0.27 metric tons per employee from last year.  Not only is this lower than the previous year’s result of 1.6, but it’s also lower than our 2019 baseline.

Scope 3: Freight Assessment

This year, we have also calculated the emissions associated with our freight activities. The external assessor, Carbon Footprint reviewed our sea and lorry freight associated with the transport of solar panels from the warehouse to each site for the period April 2022 – March 2023. This was calculated at 93.27tCO₂e.

Ultimately, it has been another successful year for EvoEnergy, as we continue to innovate and expand our ever-growing portfolio of projects. Our 2024 holds many exciting new projects in the pipeline and we will be looking forward to new opportunities in the coming year.

We will be back to take your enquiries on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

EvoEnergy wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Solar Year!