This week, businesses, organisations and students have been celebrating ‘Go Green’ week by implementing their own initiatives to encourage ‘green’ behaviour and raise the awareness of how important it is to consider our environment.
There has been a lot of coverage on Go Green week on social media sites such as Twitter, highlighting the various ways companies and individuals have taken part. This includes encouraging green forms of commuting such as cycling or car sharing. Other raised their recycling programs to dispose of waste materials correctly. Many companies already have a strong environmental commitment and were happy to share their success and strategy online for others to take inspiration.
The annual Go Green week has been very encouraging, however, for some businesses ‘going green’ is driven by Government pressures (to reduce carbon emissions), legislation (such as ESOS) and Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. EvoEnergy have several clients driven by an environmental agenda including DPD, Lyreco and BMW.
To learn more about the benefits of going green with solar panels, EV charging and battery storage, visit the Go Green page.