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Operating on a global scale, Lyreco is a major distributor of office supplies and workplace products for businesses and consumers.


solar battery storage unit next to business

K e y   S t a t s

System Size

3.811 MWp

Annual Output

3,220 MWh

C02 Savings Per Year


Solar Panels Installed

13,860 x Trina 275W

Inverters Installed

2 x ABB 1.56MW Central

Saved Over 25 Years


Battery - System Size

500kW/ 950kWh

Number of EV Points

12 (6 Twin)

The Challenge

This project for this client, who are an office supplies and workplace solution company, featured two installations. Firstly, solar PV, which was followed up by battery and EV charging points. The project began as a result of winning a competitive tender for a large-scale solar PV project. Our technical ability and willingness to take on responsibility for restoring the roof set us above from the competition.

Before any PV installation could take place, we were required to replace 50,000 of the original roof fixings, as well as repairing and treating over 10,000 linear metres of cut-edge corrosion. Once complete, our team could start the installation of what was to become, the UK’s fourth largest rooftop solar PV system and the second largest on a single building.

The success of this project formed the basis for a long-term relationship with the company. They then proceeded to follow their green objectives further by investing in a battery energy storage system (BESS) in order to provide grid services through a sub-second frequency response to ‘absorb’ and ‘supply’ energy to and from the grid when needed, whilst also helping to power Lyreco’s busy 24-hour distribution site.

Throughout the duration of these two projects for this client, our team were required to consistently innovate and find solutions to challenges that were naturally presented by the sheer size of the project.


Lead by an experienced Project Manager, a team of 30 installers and electricians worked on-site during the installation process, even working through the wettest December ever recorded in the UK. The panels were fitted in just three months on to a rooftop the size of 7.5 football pitches. This required installers to often walk the equivalent of 14 miles a day, manually carrying panels one at a time – each weighing around 40 lbs – from the edge of the building to the centre of the roof space; pallets of panels were lifted in turn by high-bay machinery and then manually unloaded.

A couple of years later, an area at the front of the site adjacent to the car park was specified to situate the BESS technology, consisting of 10 Tesla powerpacks connected to two Bi-Directional power inverters and control system.

The installation of the BESS and associated equipment took just 10 weeks to complete and was commissioned in time to be available for the upcoming Triad season. Furthermore, we also installed three PodPoint 22kW fast electric vehicle charging stations in the firm’s carpark to stimulate a response from its staff to switch to greener forms of transport. Finally, to gain extra capacity for the battery and EV charging stations, we also installed a new ring main unit and transformer on the site prior to installing the powerpacks.

In addition to designing and installing the BESS, we took pride creating a tidy and purpose-built environment for the technology within the designated location area. This included landscaping the grounds and sourcing bespoke fence panels that blended in with the existing aesthetics of the site, whilst also providing a sufficient level of security.


The system now allows the manufacturer of workplace products to save over 1.5 million kilograms of CO2 per year, whilst also reducing their electricity bills by over £5m during the next 25 years. What’s more, Lyreco will now benefit from reduced Triad charges on their future energy bills, through the releasing of energy in to the site during the high charge Triad periods each winter.

Lyreco will further profit by using the BESS to enhance their environmental commitment; part-charging the battery with self-generated electricity from the solar panels that would otherwise be exported and allow the company to increase self-generated consumption.

Following the installation, we implemented various platforms for remotely monitoring the system which gave both top-level generation data and detailed performance statistics (of each string connected to the inverters) in real-time. In the event of low generation, the platform would also inform our maintenance team via SMS and email, prompting immediate investigation.

To enable accurate performance ratio calculations, we also installed an ABB weather station, which incorporates wind speed, ambient temperature, PV panel temperature and irradiance. The weather station is linked up to the system using data-loggers and allows the monitoring system to accurately calculate the performance of the PV system. Interactive monitoring of the BESS has been integrated so that Lyreco’s staff and visitors can see the historic and real-time impact the battery is having on the business.

The installation went on to be awarded ‘Commercial Rooftop Installation of the Year’ at the Smart Solar UK Awards with the array also being influential to helping Lyreco win multiple environmental awards throughout the year, demonstrating Lyreco’s ongoing commitment to achieve their green goals.

“The natural progression for our large PV project was to add battery storage capability. Not only is this a cost benefit to the company, but it demonstrates our commitment to innovation and aligns ourselves with the Government’s recently announced Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan. The addition of fast EV charging points will also allow us to use some of our solar energy to charge electric vehicles, and we have future proofed the installation to allow for additional charge stations at a later date. This will encourage our staff to make the change to hybrid and full electric vehicles, sooner than they may otherwise consider, based on limited charging facilities and range constraints.”

Peter Gojka, Building Services Manager for Lyreco

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