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Winnersh Triangle Business Park

The Winnersh Triangle Business Park is a modern large-scale workplace designed for firms from a wide range of industries. In order to reduce their carbon footprint and attain more energy independence, the site’s landlords opted for the installation of 1,010 panels across their 3 buildings.



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1010 Panels

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In an office environment, there are many sources of energy consumption. From the large industrious printers to the vast volume of regularly used computers, busy offices spaces are notorious for high energy expenditure. Winnersh Triangle Business Park is no exception to this rule, especially as their office spaces are kitted out with top of the range communication technology and lighting systems.

This not only caused the building’s landlords to receive an expensive energy bill each month, but it also resulted in a high carbon footprint for the firm. This was damaging for both the environment and the landlord’s brand image. Therefore, as part of their ongoing commitment to becoming net zero carbon all in of their landlord controlled areas, they sought after a solution to this issue.


In order to resolve this, the landlord’s site management team approached us to put together a design which would simultaneously reduce their energy expenditure, whilst also helping them with their ongoing net zero carbon targets.

Our specialist design team created a solution which saw the installation of 1,010 panels placed across the roof of 3 buildings at their site in Reading. In total, this system is estimated to generate 304,600 kWh in the first year, of which 100% will be consumed on site through use of lighting, computer used and other office equipment.


From the commissioning of this project, the landlord can now boast a brand new renewable energy solar PV system which will reduce the site’s carbon footprint by 71,014kg per year. Whilst this will benefit the site’s local environment, it will also allow the landlord to advertise the carbon neutrality of the building’s operations, which is now a major market winner when talking to communicating with potential tenants.

Going forward, the site will be monitored and maintained by our experienced engineers to ensure that the system continues to perform at its optimal rate. Due to the positive results that our client has seen from this system, they have approved the installation of more solar PV systems across their portfolio.

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