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Rubicon West

Known for their diverse portfolio, Rubicon West manages a group of companies engaged in commercial property investment in the UK.


solar panels on top of a carehome building

K e y   S t a t s

31,034kg CO2 saved per year
System Size

70 kWp

Panels Installed

291 SunTech 240W

Inverter Model

Fronius IG+

Annual Output




The Challenge

Rubicon West Plc heads a group of companies engaged in commercial property investment, and owns and manages a diverse portfolio of commercial properties including shopping centres, retail units, retail parades and office buildings. The desire to reduce their grid energy usage and limit future price rises lead to the decision to install a solar system to one of their workspaces.

Our services were introduced to Rubicon West through the property surveying company Clem Dobson Associates. As a result, we were asked to install two solar PV systems for the real estate management firm at one of its office and retail complexes in Wigmore in Luton.

The project was a unique challenge for our team as the array was to be the first system fitted using the Conergy roof hook mounting system; a pre-assembled device which reduces install time considerably. What’s more, given the high pedestrian footfall of the site itself, it was vital that the installation team took every measure possible to guarantee the safety of individuals at ground level.


Our team rose to the challenge, completing all mechanical elements a week ahead of schedule. Consisting of 291 panels and seven inverters, the combined 69 kWp system, including a complex electrical BOS installation to link the two arrays, was completed in just three weeks.

The roof hooks are specially designed for solar panels, which allows them to be easily installed and fitted to tiles in a short time period. This meant the installation team didn’t have to spend too long on the roof, making sure that the the company’s operations weren’t disrupted.

Because the panels were installed above shops, offices, a library and health centre, the onsite project manager made sure all the tenants were kept well informed of planned works and possible disruption well in advance. By working closely with them, any inconvenience caused by temporary power cuts, scaffolding or the need for internal access to switch rooms or meters was kept to a minimum.


One of the company’s main objectives for this project was to help them stay on top of their rising energy costs. With this in mind, the system was installed with real time PV monitoring to give online access to power output, CO2 savings and FiT earnings on demand through mobile, tablet and desktop. This was done using sophisticated sensors to measure irradiance, ambient temperature and system performance.

Efficiency is also easily measured using this method, which is a vital aspect of current and future funded project contractual obligations for this particular customer.

The project at Wigmore Park was the first one undertaken by Rubicon West. We guided the company expertly through the various stages including initial evaluation, planning permission, detailed design, metering and final registration of the system. The installation was carried out with very little disruption and over a surprisingly short period given the size of the system.

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