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BBC Glasgow

The BBC appointed us to design and install a large-scale solar carport and rooftop PV system in order to help offset their carbon emissions. Installing the system on a quay presented a few groundworks challenges, but through our team’s experience and expertise, the system was installed in time for the COP26 event in Glasgow


solar carports at BBC car park

K e y   S t a t s

System Size

Rooftop: 120kWp & Carport: 839kWp

CO2 saved per year


Annual Output

822,600 kWh


The BBC set out to secure a solar carport and rooftop solar PV system in order to offset their carbon emissions and showcase their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment. To help the BBC achieve this, we designed an innovative renewable energy solution that would help them achieve both their financial and ecological objectives.

The project was to be a first of its kind to be installed on a BBC site in the UK. Installing the system on a quay presented various ground work challenges for our team, and so we worked closely with the subcontractors to ensure it was integrated correctly.

Furthermore, the project needed to be fully completed in time for the environmental COP26 event, which meant that our work schedules were tight.

As part of our solution, we created all of the designs and completed the DNO application for our client. Despite the challenging ground works, only a few minor variations were needed.

Furthermore, our team were required to install the project in phases in order to keep at least 50% of the carpark open to the public and staff members.

For this project, we successfully installed a solar carport system provided by Bluetop Solar.

To ensure the safety of people in the immediate area, we built a cage around the stairway up to the inverter room in order to prevent unauthorised access to the high voltage equipment. This made it safe for their staff members and the public in the immediate surrounding area.

The installation took 6 months to complete and made an appearance during the COP26 event. The 120kWp rooftop solar PV and 839kWp carport systems now generate an annual output of 822,600kWh whilst saving over 174,663kg of Co2e (first year of operation).

In addition to improving the local air quality, the canopies also provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain for the carpark users. Furthermore, the carport has been integrated with the existing drainage system on site to help keep rainwater from flooding the carpark.

Due to the large size of the carport, this is a monumental project for both EvoEnergy and the BBC. What’s more, our system is futureproofed to allow for a battery energy storage system and additional EV chargers be installed which can be fed with the energy generated by the PV system.

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