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Michael Pavis

One of the Midland’s largest independent heating and plumbing merchants supplying small businesses and consumers across the UK with technical appliances.


solar panels for business in the UK

K e y   S t a t s

CO2 saved per year

140,935kg CO2 saved per year

System Size

344.75 kWp

Panels Installed

1,366 Hyundai 250W

Annual Output

266, 417 kWh

The Challenge

Supplying 8,000 product lines to over 1,500 trade, contract and retail customers, the vast size of their operations and site means that they place a high demand on the electricity grid, which leaves them with a high energy bill and carbon footprint.

As a result, the independently owned business decided to utilise the unused roof space of their warehouse, trade counter and two extensive showrooms to install a solar PV system to meet their financial and environmental goals. After hearing about the positive results we had installing panels on other businesses’ roof spaces, they presented us the challenge of installing this system on their site in Nottingham.


Like us, Michael Pavis is a forward-thinking, Nottingham based business who are well respected in their industry. This meant that the firm was open to project size and specification ideas that our design team came up with, as otherwise, committing to a project of this size would cause a slight disruption in their operations. This is something our team wanted to avoid, and so our expert engineers worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure that the project was installed within budget and on time.

The system comprises of 1,366 Hyundai 250W panels and covers an impressive 2,277m2 of roof space. It was designed to maximise return on investment before the anticipated feed-in tariff cuts, and with an annual output of 266,417 kWh will yield returns of 12% for the next 25 years.


The project was installed successfully, and completed within the construction schedule, despite the obvious challenges of working on a fully operational site. The sites infrastructure has now been modified to accommodate the new system which improves the energy capacity and futureproofs it for many years to come.

As a result of this project, the site now has a reliable environmentally friendly source of energy to meet their usage demands. The installation also delivered a huge boost to the company’s green credentials, allowing them to reduce their carbon emissions by over 140 tons a year whilst also fueling their operations, and reducing their dependency on the national electricity grid.

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