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Harvey Hadden Sports Village

Operated by the City council, Harvey Hadden Stadium is an all-purpose athletics facility located in Nottingham, which is regularly used for a wide range of sports.


solar carport at a sports centre

K e y   S t a t s

28,650kg CO2 saved per year
System Size


Annual Output

50,772 kWh

Inverter Model

23kW Huawei

Panels Installed

448 TSMC Solar 150W

The Challenge

We were tasked with installing the UK’s largest solar carport (at the time of installation) for Nottingham City Council at the Harvey Hadden Sports Village, turning their otherwise regular car park into a source of renewable energy generation. The generated energy would be immediately available to use onsite, which measures at over 50 MWh every year, with the carport also offering additional benefits to athletes and visitors by protecting their vehicles and themselves from the elements.

The installation was part of a £16m redevelopment invested into the site which also included a number of other energy efficiency measures to reflect the council’s ongoing commitment to reducing the city’s carbon emissions by improving renewable sources in multiple sectors.


The 67 kWp system, made up of 448 thin-film solar panels, covers 40 parking bays and was the latest solar PV installation by EvoEnergy for the council in a relationship that started way back in 2011. One of the key challenges for us was to create a lightweight solution that also complimented the aesthetics of the existing site. Working with specialist partners, we installed a power parking solution using copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) technology, helping to produce a higher yield over time compared to traditional solar panels.

We were also aware of the forthcoming CPISRA World Games, organised by Cerebral Palsy Sport, taking place at the centre from the 6th-16th August. So, the installation team worked hard to make sure the installation was completed for the client ahead of schedule in time for the games, working overtime to finish the job in just five weeks.


The new solar carport only helps to reduce CO2 levels for the council, but the electricity generated also helps the sports village to reduce their electricity bills and provide a benefit to their visitors.

We’ve worked with Nottingham City Council on a range of different projects in the past and this definitely has been one of the most innovative. We’ve been able to play a large part in the development, and provide a great example of how experience, innovation and cutting-edge technology can be combined to achieve great things.

Nottingham City Council were aligned with us, in recognising the need to protect and enhance the local environment through our activities. This was clearly understood by both parties, and the result of this project is testament to that.

That year, the solar carport also won the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award for the client at Nottingham Post’s annual Environmental awards, which was a joint entry from both EvoEnergy and the council, showcasing the novelty of the project.

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