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David Lloyd

This project showcases the power of innovative solutions in achieving sustainability goals despite complex challenges. With specialised roof hook plates and careful planning, the installation team successfully addressed the curved roof’s unique requirements. This supports David Lloyd Clubs to make significant strides towards their net zero carbon emissions goal by 2030.


Radiant sustainability Curved gymnasium roof adorned with cutting-edge solar panels.

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David Lloyd, a leading health and fitness club operator in the UK, had made a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Syzygy Consulting awarded the project to us based on our track record for sucessfully delivering complex projects.

To help meet this goal, they decided to install a solar PV system on the curved PVC membrane roof of their club in Luton. However, the curved shape of the roof presented several challenges to the installation process.


To address the challenges posed by the curved nature of the roof, the installation team implemented several measures during the construction process.

Full edge protection was put up to ensure the safety of the workers, and work was avoided during wet days to prevent any potential accidents.

Additionally, on prominent walkways, wooden boards were laid down to prevent damage to the roof due to footfall.

To overcome space limitations around the entire building, the team also modified the existing cat ladder access to the plant room by adding an additional platform.

This modification allowed for safe access to the roof, at which point someone could attach to the mansafe line and safely navigate the curved roof.

Thanks to the innovative solution developed by the design and installation teams, the solar PV system on the curved PVC membrane roof of the David Lloyd club has been a resounding success.

The system features a smart metering system that allows for real-time monitoring of performance and ensures that the system is operating at optimal efficiency.


Moreover, the installation was completed within a tight deadline of 6 weeks and within budget, allowing David Lloyd to quickly reap the benefits of the system.

As a result, the company is now able to reduce its dependency on the national grid and generate clean energy on-site, helping to achieve its net zero carbon emissions goal by 2030.

The success of this installation has significant implications for David Lloyd’s rooftop portfolio, as the system represents one of the first of its kind that has the potential to be replicated across the company’s other properties.

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