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Center Parcs

As the UK’s leading short-break holiday provider based in Nottinghamshire, the establishment specialises in woodland activity based retreats for the whole family to enjoy.


solar panels for hotel roof

K e y   S t a t s

CO2 saved per year

38,535kg CO2 saved per year

Electricity generated to be used onsite


Panels Installed

200 Renesola/ Risen 250W

Inverter Model

ABB Trio

System Size

100 kWp

Annual Output


The Challenge

For this job, we were asked to construct a large array right on top of a fully functioning working environment. Because of this, the client’s expectations were high, which is why they looked to us to deliver the project, confident that we could meet all of their requirements.

The aim was to improve its green credentials and cut energy costs at its Nottinghamshire headquarters. From initial site surveys and project meetings, through to system switch on, our on-site team worked with Center Parcs to complete a sizeable project within a tight timescale, without running over budget or disturbing day-to-day operations.


This came in the form of a 200-panel, 50kWp rooftop array, completed in just one week during a summer month, by a five-man team. The holiday provider chose to install the panels on the metal roof space above its offices in New Ollerton, whilst the site remained fully operational throughout.

Our team took steps to keep disturbance to a minimum during working hours, with scaffolding being erected and dismantled over the weekends and deliveries happening after 9:30am on weekdays. Work installing the panels directly on to the roof, using U brackets screwed into the metal, began on Monday morning and were done by Wednesday afternoon. We then finished the cabling, inverter installation and rubbish removal by Friday evening.


Following the success of this project, Center Parcs doubled the size of their PV system from 50 kWp to 100 kWp after experiencing impressive results from the initial installation. The second system was installed on the opposite ‘wing’ of their Head Office using 200 x Risen 250W panels.

The system is predicted to save more than 21 tonnes in CO2 consumption for Center Parcs, which operates five villages across the UK attracting for more than one million visitors per year. The project is testament to their commitment to the reduction of carbon emissions, showcasing this stance to all of their customers that visit the site for their holiday retreat.

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