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5 Broadgate

5 Broadgate is located across from London’s iconic Liverpool Street Station. It’s contemporary and stylish building is home to UBS financial services and numerous residents.



K e y   S t a t s

CO2 saved per year

57,187kg CO2 saved per year

Annual Output

108,104 kWh

Inverter Model


Panel Installed

576 Panasonic 240Wp

System Size

138 kWp

The Challenge

Situated in the heart of London, 5 Broadgate is a contemporary property adjacent to Liverpool Street Station. It’s home of UBS financial services whilst also offering additional commercial and retail opportunities. The contractor, Mace Group, turned to us to design and deliver the solar PV system solution on a purpose-built steel frame, four metres above roof level, which also sat above the buildings ventilation units and building management systems.

One particular technicality that we had to consider was that part of the building, by law, was restricted to a maximum height of 75 metres due to the fact that no structures/trees can obstruct the view of St Paul’s Cathedral when stood on King Henry’s (VIII) Mount, some eight miles away.


As the building was already within inches of breaching the 75m height restriction, we had to design a system knowing that the maximum angle the panels could be installed at could be no greater than five degrees. With the design of the steel frame in mind, we subsequently innovated and installed a system consisting of 576 Panasonic 240Wp panels, using a bespoke SunFixing mounting system that consisted of four different types of mounting solutions. Materials were delivered to the roof using a goods lift that was accessed underneath the building. Strictly timed deliveries were enforced meaning constant co-ordination with security was necessary, to make sure materials were moved through the process efficiently and on time.

The finished product represents a remarkable feat of engineering by incorporating a uniquely bespoke PV system on one of the most striking building in the banking quarter of London. It also sends a message that, no matter how crowded a roof may be, there are ways and means to negotiate any obstacle or obstruction to promote renewable energy at a time when we should all be thinking about the environment.


The ten-man team installed the system over a phased installation spanning six weeks and had to use rope access and tension lines to manoeuvre the complex steel rooftop structure; health and safety, as always, was of paramount importance.

The 138.24 kWp solar PV system is expected to generate 108,104 kWh every year for the benefit of the tenants and will also produce over 57 tonnes of CO2 savings annually.

The 12-storey building has been designed with a clear sustainability strategy including 700 square feet of green roof space, 242 square feet of plantations, waste management, integrated solar shading and insulation, and a 138.24 kWp roof-mounted solar PV system. Combined, this helped the building achieve it’s ‘excellent’ BREEAM rating.

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