EvoEnergy are in the final stages of completing the largest solar PV array on a listed UK shopping centre at Landsec’s popular White Rose shopping centre in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
Completed over a 6 week period, the 783 kWp system is fixed to the centre’s large curved roof space, requiring a mounting a system that angled the panels up by 15 degrees to face south and maximise the generation potential of the array.
In total, 2,902 panels were installed and expected to generate 680 MWh of electricity every year to help power the busy and popular retail site that opens its door to the public 7 days a week. This green energy from the solar will supply around 39% of the shopping centre’s daytime electricity demand, reducing the site’s annual carbon footprint by around 250 tonnes.
The PV will maximise on-site renewable energy generation, reduce electricity consumption from the grid and deliver significant financial benefits to retailers based at White Rose. It forms a key part of the ongoing sustainability strategy at the centre, which includes a comprehensive bio-diversity programme alongside energy efficiency measures and a focus on reducing food waste.
Scott Parsons, Managing Director, Retail, Landsec, said:

“We are extremely proud to have set a UK-wide benchmark for renewable electricity. Landsec is committed to setting and achieving ambitious sustainability targets and this is a fantastic example of how innovative thinking can benefit both retailers and the environment.”

EvoEnergy have worked with the client, Landsec and Syzygy Renewables – the Project Managers for Landsec – on more than one occasion. In 2014, EvoEnergy were contracted to help install 249 kWp at their Gunwharf Quays shopping centre in Hampshire.
Since completing the installation at White Rose Shopping Centre, EvoEnergy have started work installing 50 kWp on another of Landsec’s popular retail properties, Trinity Shopping Centre, also in Leeds, expected to complete in early September.
Landsec is at the forefront of sustainable energy innovation in the UK property sector. Across its portfolio, nine assets have their own solar PV installed, each of which reduces energy consumption from the grid. Last year, it became the first property company in the UK to use 100% renewable electricity.
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