With all this lovely sunshine, solar energy output topped the records over the weekend, by outperforming Gas and Nuclear.
Data from one of our clients, Lyreco, the UK’s largest industrial-scale project combined with both battery storage and solar PV broke several records over June. One of Lyreco most impressive historic milestones was shown on Thursday 28th June as the solar PV system achieved a new record of 25,015 kWh generated in a single day.
Another record-breaking achievement from Lyreco solar PV system was the generation of 20,000 kWh each day for 10 consecutive days.
During this same period, National Grid revealed that solar PV generation in the UK had exceeded 8GW for eight days in a row. This is combined with a peak of 9.39GW on Friday 22nd June, slightly missing the record of 9.42GW, set on 14 May this year.
All these records for solar PV generation symbolise the benefits of renewable energies and how far technology has come.
With this trend more likely to continue and with government subsidies coming to an end in March 2019,  EvoEnergy are now helping more companies than ever to install solar PV to future proof their organisations.