Nottingham City Council (NCC) have confirmed this month that their target to reduce the City’s carbon emissions by 26% (compared to 2005 levels) has been achieved – four years ahead of schedule. This fantastic achievement is down to an ongoing programme of energy saving initiatives and investments in renewables – many of these installed by EvoEnergy – that have been deployed over the last few years.
The carbon reduction figure, according to NCC, actually stands at 33%, smashing the original target and positioning the City as a top performer outside of London. In comparison, this is the equivalent of reducing the annual carbon emissions of each person living in Nottingham by 3 tonnes.
NCC also credit the efforts of the private sector for helping achieve this target, with awareness of their goals giving incentive for the private sector to also contribute with their own energy efficiency investments.
EvoEnergy have a long-standing relationship with NCC, stretching back to 2011, where they have since installed a large number of PV installations on social housing. In addition, the NCC have worked with EvoEnergy to deliver a number of larger PV installations on commercial buildings including two of the UK’s biggest solar carports at Harvey Hadden Sports Village (67 kWp) and Ken Martin Leisure Centre (88.5 kWp). Most recently, a 133.65 kWp system was installed on the Nottingham Wildcats stadium, saving the popular grassroots sports clubs over £3,000 per year on energy bills.
With regards to solar, it is widely believed that Nottingham has the highest percentage of solar panels per household in the Country, standing at around 4,000 domestic installations.