The Smart Solar PV forum held in Berlin on October 26th and 27th will bring together industry experts from around Europe to discuss how data analysis and IoT (Internet of Things) can enhance the performance of solar PV installations and reduce costs and risks.
EvoEnergy are proud to announce that their Technical Manager, Tim Hickman, has invited the event organiser – BIS Group – to be an expert speaker where he will deliver a 30 minute presentation on ‘Performance Measurement Innovation’ with Phil Jones from PAD Technology.
Tim’s presentation will use the recent solar PV installation at DPD to highlight the innovations needed to overcome the data challenges of this particular project, whilst also providing reassurance to the client through a unique performance guarantee.
If you are attending the Smart Solar PV forum this week, you can hear Tim’s presentation at 10.40am on Friday 27th.
The two day event will cover many aspects of generating and using data for the design and performance of a solar PV installation, helping the industry identify where the challenges are and what the solutions may be for the benefit of making more well-informed technical and financial decisions.
The full list of topics that will be covered at the forum are;

  • Exploring the methods of achieving performance optimization.
  • Understanding the importance of data to cost management of solar projects when in concept, development and in operation.
  • Developing a predictive maintenance strategy and improve reliability.
  • Getting an overview of the Advanced Machine Learning Techniques.
  • Understanding big data will enable operational excellence ( O&M) to be achieved.
  • Exploring the role of the weather predictions and data analysis in the industry’s development.
  • Reviewing technical operations and maintenance services for utility-scale PV power plants.
  • Learning how to improve the integration and data flow between the different actors in the value chain (developers, EPCs, owners, asset managers, O&M providers, equipment OEMs).