EvoEnergy have agreed the development, construction and financing for a ground breaking industrial-scale ‘behind-the-meter’ Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at Lyreco’s head office in Telford. The BESS will be installed adjacent to the 3.8 MWp rooftop PV array, also delivered by EvoEnergy in 2016, making this unique as the UK’s largest industrial project combining both a battery and solar PV installation.
Using Tesla battery and inverter technology, the 500 kW / 950 kWh BESS will deliver energy efficiency benefits over a 15 year arrangement with Lyreco. The BESS will work with the National Grid to provide a Demand Side Response; allowing the BESS to ‘absorb’ and ‘supply’ energy to and from the grid to provide frequency balancing services.
In addition to providing a service to the National Grid, the BESS will also continue Lyreco’s environmental commitments, in part charging the battery with electricity from the PV that would otherwise be exported back to the grid. Energy stored in the battery will also be used to power Lyreco’s busy 24 hour facility during the evening when the PV is no longer generating electricity.

The construction of the BESS will start this summer and is expected to complete in October 2017. During this period, EvoEnergy will also be installing electric vehicle (EV) charging points onsite to support Lyreco’s commitment for low-carbon travel within its workforce and visitors.
Lyreco are leading the way in the UK for how companies can use multiple technologies to achieve long-term energy independence, whilst also providing a service to the public to support and provide flexibility to meet future Government energy strategies.
EvoEnergy has established itself as a leading developer and construction firm in the UK BESS market with the installation at Lyreco being the second project that EvoEnergy has signed this year. In March, EvoEnergy was awarded a 2 MWh battery for a new sustainable housing project at Trent Basin in Nottingham, which will be the UK’s first Community energy battery system and provide a pilot for future, similar developments.