This month, the BRE launched their ‘Good Practice Guide for Solar Carports’ following an extensive period of their own research in solar carport designs and technologies. Being experts in the field, EvoEnergy were asked by the BRE to contribute their expertise and case studies, following the recent carport installations for Nottingham City Council at their Harvey Hadden and Ken Martin leisure facilities.
Based in Watford, the BRE are part of a group of companies that provide independent advisory, testing and research services for the benefit of the built environment and associated industries.
Sustainability is one of the key areas that the BRE focus on, and has already provided valuable research to the renewables industry to date, the solar carports guide is their latest publication aimed at helping businesses understand the benefits and best sites for such installations. Similarly, the guide will also help developers understand more about the technologies available and best practices for installations.
Visit the link to download the BRE’s Good Practice Guide for Solar Carports.
In the Autumn of 2015, EvoEnergy installed a canopy-structure 67 kWp solar carport for Nottingham City Council at their Harvey Hadden Sports Village site as part of a multi-million pound refurbishment project and to further the Council’s carbon saving plan for the City. At the time of installation, this was the UK’s largest solar carport.
Shortly after, EvoEnergy installed a second solar carport for the Council at their Ken Martin Leisure Centre, sized 88.5 kWp and spanning 41 car parking spaces. Commissioned in February 2016, this is – at the time of publishing – the UK’s largest solar carport of its kind.