EvoEnergy are pleased to announce the completion of the UK’s largest solar carport at the busy Ken Martin Leisure Centre owned by Nottingham City Council. The 354-panel, 88.5 KWp system was commissioned in time to beat the cuts to the feed-in tariff that came into effect mid-January.
The innovative solar carport system was installed across nine separate, specially-built roofs and is expected to generate 79,874 kWh of free, green electricity to be used onsite every year. The system will also reduce the Council’s carbon output by over 41 tonnes annually; another step in the right direction towards their target of reducing Nottingham City’s carbon emissions by 26% by the year 2020.
Fitted over three months between November and January, the system will also save the Council over £10,000 per year through energy bill savings. Together with the feed-in tariff payments, the system is expected to pay for itself in around 11 years.
This is now the second solar carport that the Council have installed, with EvoEnergy also installing a 67 kWp carport at their Harvey Hadden Sports Village site in the Summer of 2015 – at the time, this was the largest solar carport in the UK, however this accolade is now transferred to the carport at the Ken Martin site.
EvoEnergy have a long-standing relationship with Nottingham City Council that goes back to 2011. Since this time, EvoEnergy have been a key partner for delivering their solar PV programme with numerous commercial installations and this year have so far delivered solar to 1,000 of their social housing properties.