Meter Issues

My generation meter is blank.
If your generation meter is blank this is likely due to the lack of power being supplied to the meter. Please follow the reset instructions, to view click here.

My meter is flashing 888s.
This means that your meter is faulty and needs replacing.

Can I have a copy of my original installation paperwork?
We’d be happy to help with this for a charge of £120.

My meter has failed, will I lose out on FiT payments?

Inverter issues

My inverter is showing a fault.
Please follow the reset instructions. If the fault remains after reset, please send your photos and address to

I need an engineer to visit my system.
Our charge to attend any site is based on an hourly rate of £80 +VAT

Other issues

There are pigeons nesting under my panels
We do not install pigeon proofing protection nets for domestic customers, therefore we advise you to contact a local pest control expert. Alternatively, kits such as the attached can be purchased and installed by a suitably component person. Other kits can be found here. However, we are happy to offer this service to commercial clients. Read more about pigeon-proofing your solar panels.

My panels need cleaning
We now only provide cleaning services to commercial clients, and therefore no longer offer this service for domestic customers. If you’re looking for information on the process of cleaning your solar panels please download the appropriate document relevant to the type of panel you currently have installed on your property:

Trina – Page 5 Maintenance and Care
ZnShine – Page 9/10 Cleaning
Suntellite – Page 5/6 Maintenance
Suntech – The whole document
Sharp – Page 3 Maintenance
Sanyo/Panasonic – Page 4 Maintenance

Do you offer free MOT service for my system?
We do not offer a free MOT service to any of our clients. Please ignore any letter you receive regarding this topic. Evo Energy Solutions has no association with our company.