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Royal Mint

Royal Mint, the official manufacturer for British coins, sought after a ground-mounted solution that could provide their site with a clean source of solar renewable energy. Now complete, the system will lower their carbon emissions, reduce energy expenditure and support the company upholding their values for the Green Key Award.


Sunny expanse meets breezy expanse Solar farm adjacent to wind farm.

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The Green Key Award is a core part of Royal Mint’s environmental strategy, and so the company sought after a solar PV system to provide the site with a source of clean renewable energy.


To do this, the coin manufacturer and distributor put the project out to tender and it was awarded to our team via Infinite Renewables based on our skills and experience in successfully delivering similar ground-mounted solutions.

Infinite Renewables had previously conducted work on the site to construct a wind turbine system.

The Solar PV system has been integrated into the private HV network serving the wind turbine and connected directly to the Mint’s site using a private wire arrangement.

Our team delivered and installed a bespoke containerised substation which was constructed offsite.

Furthermore, the ground-mounted system uses bi-facial modules to increase energy yield, and Huawei 1500V DC / 800v AC inverters as they reduce energy loss during energy transmission in cabling

Constructing a project on this scale, on a tight schedule, in the rainy winter months posed significant challenges for our projects team.

However, we were able to leverage our experience of working in such conditions to deliver the project successfully on time.

In order to increase site protection, we installed high-security fencing, CCTV and security gates for restricted access.


Going forward, Royal Mint now have a reliable source of solar power to supplement the energy generated from their current wind turbine.

The system will be monitored by our expert maintenance team to ensure that optimal performance is consistently achieved.

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