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Nottingham Textiles

Nottingham Textiles, a large manufacturer of textile products, approached us to design and install a solar PV system on their factory roof. Due to the building’s electrical infrastructure, the system required a dual connection point. However, this challenge was surpassed by our expert engineering team and now provides the site with a reliable source of clean energy.


solar panels on top of a textiles producing company building

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Nottingham Textiles required a highly qualified renewable energy company to design, develop, install, and maintain a highly efficient solar PV system for their factory roof in Nottingham. As a manufacturer of textile products, their energy demand was significant enough to support the procurement of a self-generating energy system to support their operations.

This, combined with rising energy costs and the need for companies to reduce their carbon emissions, lead to the company approaching us to install a solar system on their roof. This initiative was the first renewable energy scheme for Nottingham Textiles since their conception over 100 years ago and demonstrates their commitment to decarbonisation.


As a turnkey provider, we took the project from conception and initial design stages through to construction and thereafter system maintenance. Prior to installation, our team cleaned the building’s roof lights, which now provides natural light to the factory floor.

The system design posed a challenge to our design team as the system had to be fed through two separate connection points to match the load, as opposed to the single connection point standard on most buildings.

However, our team rose to the challenge. By designing a system with two incoming supplies, where one load is heavier than the other, it was able to balance the load for the site.

Due to the level of dust inside the factory, our team installed the eight SolarEdge inverters on the outside of the building to ensure system integrity remained high. A tamper-proof cage was added around the inverters to provide a layer of protection for the system and to prevent safety hazards.


The installation ran smoothly and took our team between 4-5 weeks to complete. Now fully operational, the 350kWp system will generate 305,500kWh per year saving 78,086kg annually. This will support the Nottingham Textiles group on their journey towards net zero carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the site’s roof has additional capacity for more solar panels to be installed should the demand arise. In addition to this, the group has the option to install electric vehicle charging points on site which could be fed from the energy generated by the solar PV system on their roof. This will further benefit their staff and visitors as EV uptake increases in the future.

“Like many individuals and organisations, we have become increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and are focused on the ways we can improve our environmental sustainability.

As a manufacturer, one of the key areas identified was the high levels of electrical energy required to power our machinery, therefore we decided upon a large Solar PV system capable of providing enough renewable energy to help significantly reduce our imported usage even in the winter months.

Working with Evo Energy we were able to analyse their projected data for our site and perform a cost-benefit analysis, which determined a 350kWp system would provide the optimum solution.

Since completion of the turnkey installation in December 2021, we’ve been pleased with the monthly results which have met or exceeded the initial conservative estimates.

We are happy to recommend Evo Energy to anyone considering an alternative green energy supply”

Bill McMeeking, Director

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