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Kanes Food

This is a leading chilled food manufacturer in the UK with major contracts to big supermarkets, with a product list which includes fresh salads, egg noodles and prepared vegetables.


solar panels for industrial company

K e y   S t a t s

CO2 saved per year

85,771kg CO2 saved per year

System Size

205.5 kWp

Panels Installed

822 Sharp 250W panels

Inverter Model

ABB Trio

Annual Output

162,138 kWh

The Challenge

Food manufacturing are notoriously big polluters as the sheer mass of products they commit to making all year round leaves them with a high CO2 output. Which is why Kanes Foods – operating from four factories on a 28-acre site in Worcestershire – turned to us to help them build further on their environmental ambitions by installing a solar PV system on their manufacturing site in Evesham, Worcestershire.

As part of their bid to reduce their carbon footprint, Kanes Foods had previously invested £30m into a new sustainable salad processing ‘eco-factory’ that included a curved roof covered in grass and wild flowers to allow the rooftop to blend in with the rolling Cotswold hills. This next project was the next step in their drive towards sustainability.


The large unobstructed roof space with minimal shading issues gave us the chance to design an attractive array that was virtually symmetrical using 822 Sharp 250Wp panels. The solar PV that we installed on top of the Kanes distribution building offsets the heavy consumption of electricity that is required to keep fresh food chilled before dispatch and therefore increases the sustainability of manufacturer’s supply chain.

The 205.5 kWp system was installed by a six-man team in just seven days with the system expected to generate 162,138 kWh of electricity per year and reduce the company’s CO2 output by over 85 tonnes every year.


Just four months after the installation, Kanes Foods were pleased to report that the solar PV system had generated 32% above the forecast generation. This investment was a huge signal to the industry and its customers that the company held the environment high on their agenda. The decision to invest in a solar array on their neighboring factory also gave further evidence of their sustainability strategy.

From washing salads to transporting packaged vegetable selections, fresh food manufacturing has a large impact on the environment, consuming large amounts of energy, electricity and water. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important for these businesses to be seen developing ethical food production processes in the eyes of their consumers

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