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Gower Power

As a provider of renewable energy to homes and businesses alike, Gower Power is a community based organisation focusing on sustainable initiatives for infrastructure development.


commercial solar tesla battery pack

K e y   S t a t s

Battery Size

228kW/ 912kWh


Tesla Powerpack

Grid Services

Frequency Response

Onsite Benefits

Load Shifting/ Triad Avoidance

The Challenge

After a rigorous selection process, we were awarded this innovative battery project from a public tender. The aim of the project was to enhance the existing renewable energy provider’s infrastructure and energy generational capability by integrating a collection of the latest renewable energy technologies. Acting as an initial pilot project, it was undertaken in order to check the efficacy of batteries next to solar farms with a view to roll out the project to other sites nationwide once completed.

The project also sought to bring in further revenues for the existing grid connection and improve the revenue stream for the site. So, a pair of rapid 22KW EV chargers for the public to use was also included in the challenge. This would improve the availability of renewable energy facilities to the local community, and lower the amount of air pollution in the surrounding area, contributing to the drive towards carbon neutrality and a cleaner environment.


Prior to starting construction of this project, we helped to adapt the agreed planning requirements to a more compact battery, surrounded with a green close boarded fence. In addition, we also aided with the grid requirements and worked hard to make sure that the project would remain ROC accredited post completion.

Installing a battery on this site was always going to be tricky as it sits in a marginal edge of solar farm location. Due to this, careful calculations had to be performed by our expert engineers to make sure the battery plinth was correctly designed. What’s more, the site is an operational farm, and so the lane running along the side of the site had to remain open throughout the construction period to allow farm and solar farm traffic to conduct their usual daily functions.


The project was installed during the winter months, and was completed within the construction schedule despite the difficulty of working on muddy ground. The site’s distribution board has now been modified to accommodate the battery, EV and the required metering arrangements which improves the site’s infrastructure and futureproofs it for many years to come.
As a result of this project, the site now has a reliable environmentally friendly source of energy to meet their usage demands. The 228kW/912kWh battery will enhance the operation of the solar farm and provide grid services revenue for this exciting pilot community project.

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