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Bridgford Garden Centre, Nottinghamshire

Brigdford Garden Centre is a Nottinghamshire based store that specialises in providing outdoor furniture, plants and gardening equipment to local customers.



K e y   S t a t s

CO2 saved per year

63,502kg CO2 saved per year

System Size


Panels Installed

925 Trina 270W

Annual Output

200,000 kWh

Inverter Model




The Challenge

In order for businesses to remain profitable, it is essential that they keep their overhead costs as low as possible. A way to achieve this is to create your own source of renewable energy to power your operations, which not only lowers your expenditure, but reduces your dependency on the national electricity grid.

After working with us a few years prior, to have a 50 kWp system installed, the retailer asked us to develop another system for their new site. The aim was to reduce their bills and help them meet their new corporate social responsibility goals for the environment.


We designed the array to be situated on the retailer’s new building, which is now open to the general public. The modern centre features the latest technology, including underfloor heating and rainwater harvesting and is now also being powered by 925 270W Trina solar panels, set to generate over 200 MWh of clean energy every year. This is equivalent to the annual electricity usage of over 60 homes, whilst also reducing the business’ annual carbon footprint by around 70 tonnes.

We designed and installed the array using SolarEdge inverters and optimisers to increase the generation of the system, which it will also provide full monitoring for. The array also has an automated safety element that reduces the voltage of the system to a safe level if necessary.


After simultaneously successfully coordinating with multiple contractors on site, the system was installed over a period of three months around the final stages of the building’s construction. Now up and running, the garden centre is seeing the financial benefits as was initially intended from the original designs.

Whilst the garden centre is run by Blue Diamond, the site is still owned by Edward Tarbatt who is developing the site for additional retail outlets and looking to integrate more renewable energy technology into more of their site in future.

We’re proud to have worked with Bridgford Garden Centre on this project, and help them reduce thier carbon footprint even further. Solar, combined with rainwater harvesting, highlights how businesses can take steps to become self-sustaining and we hope more retailers will follow suit as they look to improve their green credentials

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