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Aldi Leamington Spa

The Aldi Eco Concept Store at The Shires Retail Park is a groundbreaking project that exemplifies Aldi’s dedication to sustainability. The store integrates solar photovoltaic (PV) technology with eco-friendly building designs, reflecting Aldi’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices. The store’s features include sustainable building materials, innovative designs, a partial green roof, and solar PV technology with a capacity of 209kWp.


Aldi leamington spa solar panels

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The challenge was to build a solar PV system that integrated and aligned with Aldi’s revolutionary eco-friendly retail store. The project aimed to significantly reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, and operational costs while creating an appealing shopping experience for customers.


The Aldi Eco Concept Store tackled this challenge by incorporating a range of sustainable design elements, including timber fiber insulation, recycled lighting columns, low-temperature tarmac, and a partial green roof. The centerpiece of the solution was the integration of solar PV technology as the primary energy source.

The store’s 709 solar panels with a capacity of 209kWp generated 167,409kWh of clean electricity annually, fulfilling a substantial portion of the store’s energy needs and contributing to the local grid.


In terms of environmental impact, the solar PV system is expected to contribute significantly, saving 34,666kg in the first year.

Furthermore, energy efficiency soared, with the store achieving a noteworthy 57% reduction in energy demand compared to conventional stores. This was achieved through sustainable building materials, innovative design, and solar energy integration.

The store’s commitment to customer engagement initiatives, like the “hard to recycle” unit and packaging-free product fixture, contributed to fostering responsible consumption habits.

The Aldi Eco Concept Store’s success positioned it as a model for low-carbon store designs, inspiring similar initiatives across the country. The project underscored the feasibility and benefits of integrating solar PV technology into commercial operations, setting a new standard for eco-conscious retail establishments.

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