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Based in Newbridge, Axiom is a world-renowned provider of manufacturing services and bespoke supply chain solutions. Due to the nature of the industry, the company has a high energy consumption rate, and therefore looked to commission the installation of a solar PV system to provide the site with a reliable source of clean energy.


Sun-powered transformation atop the manufacturing warehouse: solar panels in action.

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Axiom is a forward-thinking manufacturing provider and puts environmental concerns at the forefront of their efforts, and so a solar PV installation seemed like the natural extension for the company.

The project was awarded to us following a competitive bidding process, from which we were chosen based on our capability and previous experience.

In order to accommodate for the building’s dual incoming supplies, the building was required to have two export controls.

Furthermore, our team upgraded the building’s LV boards to allow for the integration of the new PV system.

Our team worked closely with the client to accommodate for an unforeseen supply chain issue to remain on schedule and have the system fully installed by 6-weeks, minimising site disruption.

The clean renewable energy generated from the 900kWp solar PV system will be used in various places throughout the site such as their equipment and EV chargers etc., with the remaining exported to provide an additional revenue source.

Now complete and fully operational, our maintenance team will monitor the output of the system to ensure optimal performance via the solar edge portal.

What’s more, staff and visitors to the site are also able to view the system’s generation via the SolarFox display located on site.

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